Amanda Bynes: Crying it Out, Doing Better in Treatment

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Amanda Bynes is reportedly doing much better in psychiatric treatment these days, and ironically, that's likely what kept her in there longer than she'd like.

The prescription drug cocktail being used to treat her severe mental illness (believed to be schizophrenia) seems to be working, reports indicate.

In fact, in the last few days, Amanda Bynes had a breakthrough.

She's showing emotion, which many schizophrenics don't, and was crying Wednesday and Thursday night, saying she was scared about Friday's court date.

She did not attend it, and her psychiatric hold was extended.

Patients who cry are viewed as improving, experts believe, as sadness is typically not associated with being disconnected with reality and/or emotion.

Bynes' allegedly confided in a nurse Thursday night that she is "fine" and did not need confinement in a hospital. Clearly, doctors don't think she is fine.

Her ability to form clear thoughts, however, and understand what's going on around her is progress, and doctors feel an additional 30 days will tell a lot.

Doctors told the court she is "gravely disabled" by mental illness, but at the same time, they feel they can help her in the hospital with more time.

Bynes' mother was granted a temporary conservatorship over her daughter, giving her legal and financial control over her estate until September 30.


It's a possibility her copper levels are very high. Copper toxicity can come from taking birth control pills. Which can make you into a different person, seeming bi-polar/psychotic. I myself went through this and had no prior mental disorders and none run in the family. I was mis-diagnosed and it wasn't until some doctors later one cared to see if I had copper toxicity. Prior to that, no doctor, hospital, or mental rehab place cared to hear my loved ones' suspicions that the only med I was on, birth control (one brand is notorious for causing the worst mental episodes, which I was on), but they all ignored it and said "nope she's bi-polar." And they were wrong. Obviously I stopped the pill and am back to normal. So much more to say... Now can't help but wonder if any woman exhibiting uncharacteristic crazy behaviors have copper poisoning.


How about you don't lump all schizophrenic people into one pool by grandly postulating that "showing emotion, which many schizophrenics don't" is indicative of either progress or prognosis? Sweeping statements about mental health not only encourage rampant stereotypes, but also often cause them. Stick to what you know which is basic plagiarism of other just as poorly written articles.


Nobody WANTS another person controlling their decisions but so far it sounds like things are moving in a positive direction. It took an extended period of time for Amanda to deteriorate to the point where she was hospitalized. It will take time to rebuild. I'm sure the courts will keep a close eye on things. Hopefully in a few months she'll be feeling & doing much better & the relationship with her parents will be improved as well.


This illness hits many families and is difficult to control . Hope she is one of the lucky ones and can find a life again even with this life changing illness.


Get well soon Amanda,


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