Amanda Bynes: Covered in Sheet, Moving Psychiatric Facilities

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Still under an involuntary 5150 hold, Amanda Bynes is moving to a new psychiatric facility, according to reports. The actress made the move on Thursday.

Amanda has been hospitalized since July 22. Yesterday, she stepped out for the first time since then, en route from Ventura County to UCLA Medical Center.

Covering her body and face in a white sheet, she appeared to be wearing a bright blue wig on her head and only socks on her feet while walking to a black SUV.

Bynes' mom Lynn, who was granted temporary conservatorship over her daughter on August 9, wanted her at UCLA to receive the best psychiatric care.

A judge granted doctors' request to extend her psychiatric hold for at least 30 more days, and her new digs are renowned for superb mental health care.

A good thing, too. For an extension that long to be granted, it requires a judge to deem the patient "gravely disabled as a result of a mental disorder."

Doctors believe that she is suffering from schizophrenia but are still working on diagnosing and finding the best course of treatment for the star, 27.

Amanda Bynes was initially placed under psychiatric care after allegedly starting a fire in a stranger's driveway in her hometown of Thousand Oaks, Calif.


She. Is. Toast. A. Kid. NOT. Rite. BRAD. Would. HEEVE. SHE. (Tokes). Doing. On. Maryland. BUS. TOR. CAN. To. And. States. Whoose. PReZis. Dedi. MID. Nurse. To. JOLENE. Yo. U. Got. SO. Vk.


Cant say no more winter coming so get your house ready an your yard done that's an order lol


Feel sorry for her stop she great an dont say bad stuff about her she made us laugh


Love you always your just going thou a stage baby girl make moves please an what they think f them your my hero be good


I hope they get her the care she needs and IF SHE STILL WANTS A HOLLYWOOD career than I'm sure there will be ppl out there to help her!
She has a MENTAL ILLNESS - much like a physical one PEOPLE! It is NOT her fault ..
Good luck to Amanda B and her family! They've been thru soooo much! I'm sure her parents worried to death @her!


This article clearly shows the lack of education about mental illness in media. "Whack job" not tactful or useful information about what she or her family may be experiencing right now.


Whats wrong with girl is she thought that the "CELEBRITY" life was a way of life but in reality it's no more than a phase for some. Not willing to come to terms with the lack of demand is denial in its purest form. People that walk around calling everybody UGLY does not make a mental Heath case, no more than someone taking pictures of herself- that is vanity! She may be schizophrenic but arrogance, ego, self centered and down right being in denial of her fall from stardom is the core I'm guessing. Her ass has not put in the miles to gain respect or sympathy. What she like most should remember is (be nice to people on your way up the ladder cause your gonna see them again on your way back down).


God pls help AB, shes such a nice actress, I play Gud girl dont go bad.... Mental illness is nt a fun #talk#


she is paid by UCLA medical center.


Strange how now she's being diagnosed with a 'mental illness' everyone feels sorry for her, whereas without that label everyone just slammed her. I don't put labels on things - I just saw her as someone going through a really difficult time. I thought that was pretty obvious, even without the official diagnosis, which, note, they are still not sure about. So much for the 'experts'.

@ TeeCee

Yeah- your just a freaking genius aren't you Tee Cee- all this EVERYBODY crap! HTF could you know what everybody thinks! You thought it was pretty obvious! You didnt think shit! You saw it- you read it and them you knew it! You don't put labels? Well aren't you this saint!

@ VV

Sounds like you've got issues yourself! Anyhow, yes, I draw my own conclusions from what I read. The article itself said they're not really sure what's wrong with her... probably nothing that a month in a health-farm away from it all (especially dope and parents) wouldn't put right. But they'll pump her full of meds instead. That's Yanks for you.


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