Alexander Skarsgard: Full Frontal on True Blood Season 6 Finale!

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SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading right now if you are yet to watch last night's True Blood Season 6 finale.

On the concluding episode of this HBO drama, Sookie once again struck up a relationship with Alcide... Jason killed Warlow and enjoyed his role as a sex slave... Hep V-infected vampires made like characters on The Walking Dead and...

... Who are we kidding? Alexander Skarsgard got naked! Totally, completely, full-frontal-style naked! What else from the finale matters?!?

The scene was less erotic than it sounds, considering it teases the True Death for Skarsgard's character of Eric Northman, who thought he was safe to suntan in the buff, unaware of events back home that affected his heretofore UV-proof skin.

Watch the incredibly, literally hot scene unfold now:

And then sound off:

What did you think of the True Blood season finale?


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Sorry i find myself much more better looking..


Sorry i find myself much more better looking..


Watching it last night seeing him naked was cool, but watching him burn really pissed me off. I don't want A.S. Character to suffer the true death. What would be the point? And where the hell did Pam go to look for him did she make it out alright or did she suffer the same as he did? I'm a True Blood fan can't you tell! ;-)

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