2 Chainz: Arrested After Nine-Hour Tour Bus Standoff!

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Rapper 2 Chainz was one of 11 people arrested after refusing to get off a tour bus for following a traffic stop in Oklahoma City early this morning.

Chainz and crew reportedly did not exit the bus for nine hours.

2 Chainz Mugshot

The bizarre incident took place after the 35-year-old rapper performed with Lil Wayne and T.I. in Oklahoma City last night, then left town on the bus.

Police stopped 2 Chainz's tour bus around midnight near I-40 because of an illegal taillight and noticed drug use, though they wouldn't say which.

That's when the unexpected police standoff began.

The driver was arrested, "but as he got off the bus, the door shut and locked and obviously our officers could not get in there," Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow said.

The remaining people on the bus refused to leave it, so officers towed it to a nearby police training facility about four miles away, Wardlow said.

Investigators eventually obtained a warrant and all 11 people came off the bus around 9 a.m. They were then arrested on the charge and booked.

Wardlow also said investigators found narcotics on the bus, but don't know to whom those belonged. She said more charges could be filed later.

The group was eventually arrested on charges of obstructing a police officer and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on Thursday morning.

By this afternoon, all 11 of the accused paid the $2,000 bail and were released from custody, officials confirm. The rapper is also sounding off.

2 Chainz Tweeted, "This sh*t will make u go crazy, our bus gets pulled 1 a week and they always say I smell weed I need to search ur bus. Sh* gets tiring!"

Life is tough for a rapper, getting robbed at gunpoint one day, getting popped at the airport the next, then cops wanting to pose for pics. Brutal.

And get this ... as he was released from custody, he flipped everyone off in the process, but then also told everyone to buy his album when they get a chance.


he just asked for a ONE WAY TICKET to jail?

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