George Zimmerman Trial Live Stream: Will He Testify in His Own Defense?

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After two weeks of prosecution testimony in the high-profile, closely-watched trial of George Zimmerman, the defense is now going to present its case.

At issue is whether Zimmerman, 29, acted in self-defense when he shot and killed unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012.

Friday, the prosecution rested with testimony from Trayvon's mother and brother, who testified that it was Martin's voice calling for help on the 911 call.

Not all of the state's witnesses were as compelling, however. In fact, some analysts believed the police may have helped the defense instead.

As the defense makes its own case, the million-dollar question is whether Zimmerman himself will take the stand, though we may not know for days.

In the meantime, watch the live stream of his trial in the video below:


it's time for black people to realize that racial profiling is due to many blacks being out of control. no other race has the bad reputation that blacks have. that is not due to whites. hopefully zimmerman will get off and that will send a message to blacks that they need to behave better and then white people will not look at them as "suspicious".


The jury has declined breaks. The jury has been locked up and they are ready to go home and partly because they have more than likely already made their decision. The prosecution has nothing but theory. They have very little character witness's. The real criminal in this case is the media. From day 1 they have convicted George Zimmerman before the trial started. They hand picked questions for Obama. NBC edited the 911 tape. The Black Panthers put a bounty on his head. Eric Holder said if Zimmerman was involved in a race crime he would step in. Congressman wears a Hoodie while on the clock. The Media has lead the simple minded to believe this was an open and shut case and in some ways it is. The State of Florida has no case. Now the jury will decide if Zimmerman will be a sacrificial lamb or will he walk.


zimmerman will win cause he is innocent. trayvon was a thug and brought on what happened to him.


this happens in america?

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