Zak Waddell, The Bachelor? Desiree Hartsock Says Yes!

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Don't hand The Bachelor over to Juan Pablo Galavis just yet.

Zak Waddell, the charmer who finished in fourth place on this season of The Bachelorette, would be the first choice of one person who knows him well:

Desiree Hartsock, The Bachelorette herself!

Desiree and Zak

Recalling her experience with Zak, who she reunited with briefly on the Men Tell All special, Des said, "The biggest surprise came when he pulled out his guitar and sang to me."

"It was a beautiful song that expressed exactly how he felt about the goodbye and moving on. I love that he always has something new to share and is vulnerable enough to express it."

"He is so deserving of love. I would love to see him have the opportunity to choose from 25 suitable women to find it. Who's with me on that?"

While Zak has stiff competition in Juan Pablo, as well as the other two runners-up this season (see The Bachelorette spoilers for the scoop on that), he's a strong candidate.

Do you agree with Des? Or would you like to see someone else? Vote:

Should Zak Waddell be The Bachelor?


what about michael?!?!


I think she should have picked Zack for herself. Imo, she is infatuated with Brooks not in love.


Neither zak or juan pablo should be the bachelor!! theyre both unattractive and boring!! zaks wierd and juan pablo is hard to understand too. DREW HAS TO BE NEXT BACHELOR!!! HE HAS IT ALL!! <333 ;)

@ lexi

I agree!!!!


Oh no, I am not a Zak fan, nice guy, but nothing sexy about him ... Sorry Zak

@ Elle

I agree no Zak or Juan, neither one good looking, Zak has chronic mumps cheeks and Juan has unattractive eyes. If Drew will be the bachelor it will have to be the first Gay Bachelor season, I wouldn't mind that, we need something different. It's becoming boring.


Zak deserves to find love with a real person and have a lasting marriage, instead of signing a contract and having to weed through girls who just want to be on tv for a marriage that has bad odds of working out. Am I right?


Imagine Zak the bachelor and Des joins as a re-bachelorette! bahaha not gonna happen but that would be a twist. anyways poor Des. She was absolutely shattered. I don't think she'll pick anyone now.


I totally agree that Zak should be the next bachelor...NOT Juan Pablo. There's something about Juan Pablo that isn't right. Zak, on the other hand is sincere, handsome, caring, & deserves to be the next bachelor. MOST DEFINITELY...


Zack is the best of all. So good at heart, sincere, and sensitive. His wife-to-be will be a very lucky girl. We like Zack as the next Bachelor.
Goodluck Zack!!!


Zak is as sweet as he is handsome.. He deserves the best, and any woman would be lucky to snag him! Best of luck Zak!


Shut up juan pablo fans, juan had his chance with the mother of his child. Divorcees should not be rewarded for their failures.

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