Woman Goes to Hospital For Constipation, is Actually Pregnant, Gives Birth Hours Later

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In a story that will likely cause all women to second guess each stomach twinge, a British woman this week went to the hospital because she'd been feeling badly.

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    Though there are few alternatives for women pnargent without insurance, it is important to protect your future family and yourself from the financial complications and insufficient care that arise from poor health coverage during pregnancy.You should also get your information about your health options first hand from licensed insurance providers. I would suggest you visit Americas Health Brokers site to find a quote in your area. They offer affordable maternity insurance, and they don't discriminate. Hope this help. Goodluck!


    That's what I call a peek a boo baby! LOL!


    i didnt know i was pregnant till i was in labor. i had an abnormal menstrual cycle before getting pregnant and even during my pregnancy, I had my periods maybe 3 times, all normal periods. I was indeed overweight and because it was around the holidays, I was invited to many parties that of course had good food! I had a hunch but because I was working and attending school, my concentration was lacking in the "i have a hunch, lets get checked".


    I wonder how fast they came up with the name


    the united states................AS IT HAPPENS.

    @ abe

    It says no where in this article that she lives in the United States. It states she is a British woman, and if you click on the link on her name, in that article it states that she lives close to Bristol. Bristol is the largest city of south west of England. Do some research before you start verbally bashing and entire country.


    How overweight do you have to be to not know you're eight months pregnant?! Unless the baby was very small in size but it is still hard to wrap your head around how you could be eight months pregnant and not notice physical body changes...

    @ Danii

    the baby can lye in your rib cage or under your organs, look up some videos from a show called i didnt know i was pregnant.

    @ Danii

    Actually you dont have to be over weight to not know you're pregnant...this is why it's important for facilities to be handy. I was 5 months pregnant weighed 150 and had no clue...so yes this does happen and though its a blessing scary is just the start of it.

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