Whitney Mongiat Throws EPIC Tantrum in Viral Video, Files to Divorce Husband

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A viral video of Whitney Mongiat kicking and screaming in the front seat of her car has been seen across the country after it hit the Internet this week.

Her husband, James, said he recorded the scene in Nashville, Tenn., so he could show the world what he has to endure being married to her:

Now Whitney has offered her side of the story, though, claiming she was being bullied by her spouse and that he provoked the rant that he filmed.

Oh, and she's filing for divorce ASAP.

It all started when the pair, who married just 15 months ago, were headed on a weekend trip to the lake, when Jim had a change of heart about going.

This sent Whitney through the roof.

In the clip above, Jim tells his wife, “It’s my day to get $h!t done too, and you’re acting like an 11-year-old who didn’t get the toy from Wal-mart."

“You are because you’re not taking your wife out on the lake that we’ve spent money for … you have to stop and get me some cigarettes! I’m about to go crazy!"

"I never get my way! I just want one day when I get my way!”

When he posted her tirade online, it went viral and attracted media attention. Both have since spoken to outlets in the wake of the domestic dispute.

Jim insists he doesn’t second-guess his choice to upload the personal clip, and that Whitney's tantrum was commonplace in their relationship.

She said that Jim frequently bullied her, caused tantrum with his own actions and set out to humiliate her by posting her at her worst moment online.


They should both be ashamed. He should've never have broadcasted the video to the world....he should instead have it to thier therapist. It just proves that he has no class, no tact. No maturity or common fucking sense. And the soon to be ex wife in question, is probably got a chemical imbalance exacerbated by possible alcoholism... I feel bad for her. I genuinely do....but this isn't new. There's a great deal of people losing thier shit....I've been one of them. Fortunately nobody has captured me on tape. But if they did.....whew boy!


No, I'm sorry. I don't care how much "provoking" he did... She should be embarrassed and ashamed of herself for behaving like a child. End of story.

@ Scarlett

Amen, she is more immature then my 5 year old, smh


are they serious! they'll be back togehter in no time! they deserve each other! you can see more pics here


That guy a total ass

@ fjjjggvb

That guy????? That "woman" is a total psycho

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