Wade Robson: My Dad Killed Himself Because of Michael Jackson Sexual Abuse

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Wade Robson's father killed himself in torment over the alleged sexual abuse his son suffered at the hands of Michael Jackson, the dancer claims.

Wade Robson and MJ

The Australian-born Robson revealed his secret family anguish in an amended complaint against the late King of Pop’s estate, obtained by Radar.

Wade, 30, had become estranged from his dad, who died in 2002.

The former So You Think You Can Dance judge said his aunt told him that MJ's abuse of Wade was "a source of anxiety and depression for his father.”

Before the suicide, Wade’s dad had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and his relationship with his wife Joy had “deteriorated,” the filing said.

Wade told the court that his father had been with him when he first traveled to Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch for a weekend retreat in 1990.

“The first night of the weekend, on or about February 3, 1990, Plaintiff [Robson] and his sister slept in Decedent’s bedroom (a two floor bedroom suite with beds both in the downstairs and upstairs areas), in the same bed with decedent downstairs,” it’s revealed.

“The rest of the family," he adds, "slept in the separate guest quarters.”

The next night Jackson's sexual abuse of Robson began, it’s alleged.

Days later, the Robsons left the ranch to continue a road trip, but Wade’s father and mother allowed their son to stay behind with Michael Jackson.

“Plaintiff slept in Decedent’s bed every night and the sexual abuse took place every night,” says Wade, who alleges that Jackson had a child molestation alarm installed.

Robson’s family returned to stay Plaintiff at the ranch the following weekend, but again, Wade slept in the bed with Jackson while the family slept elsewhere.

“The sexual abuse continued on each of those nights,” it’s alleged.

You can read the full complaint over at Radar Online.

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He contradicts himself everytime he speaks. Wade first said that he realised in 2012/2013 that it was abuse, but here says that his father killed himself in 2002...
So... there's two options: tabloids are making false stories and a big circus of it (as usual), or Wade should make an agreement with himself, because nobody with common sense give credit to these B.S. stories.


totally rubbish¡¡¡¡¡¡ why would he not testify back in 2005 when Mj was accused for child molestation charges and Wade waited n saw dat he was gone and he starts he's absurd lies¡¡¡¡ Well R.I.P King Of Pop he was such an amazing talent and not a pedophile....


Wade Robson is a world class liar. Why is the media even paying attention to this clown! He contradicts himself so much, his family did not know, then his father commits suicide, because he did know. It is criminal what he is doing, is extortion and worse, he is doing it to a dead person and to Michaels family and children.


Think about it! If MJ molested him, WHY Robson would pay a trubute to MJ in his "Wade Robson project" such as http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... This is odd. I don't believe him. But I wonder - what made him change. Money again?


And now his dad was so devastated by the abuse Wade suffered that he killed hisself. But he still collected the money and let him do sleepovers, right?


His father was bi polar, probably a better expectation for suicide. Watch the documentary "The Bridge". Stop blaming MJ for suicides due to "child molestation" that did not happen. Read the facts before you comment x


Wade Robson will burn in hell for saying lies about Michael who can't defend him self anymore.


He is saying lies for money.