The Bachelorette: Who Did Desiree Hartsock Send Home? Who Will Win?

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The rumor mill is swirling as to who Desiree Hartsock picks on The Bachelorette. Spoilers up until now have been accurate ... but what about going forward?

The field of 25 has been narrowed to just four, as tonight's hometown dates featured Brooks Forester, Chris Siegfried, Drew Kenney and Zak Waddell.

The favorite coming in? Brooks, in many people's minds.

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But did he come away with a rose tonight? Who got sent home? And who - if anyone - do The Bachelorette spoilers say Desiree gets engaged to in the finale?

There have been reports that Des will pull a Brad Womack and pick no one, perhaps because Brooks, who she's in love with is not on the same page.

In any case, he got a rose tonight, along with ...

Chris Seigfried and Drew Kenney!

Initially, The Bachelorette spoilers had Drew getting the boot this evening, but recent intel suggested Zak would be the odd man out after hometowns.

Looks like he indeed was. Sorry Zak.

Going forward, talk has been that Des might shock everyone by sending ALL three home, but this may just be classic misdirection from the producers.

Our guess would be that she does get engaged at the end, and that there's no real catch. One gets eliminated next week, another the week after.

She then gives the final rose to [your best guess] and they live happily ever after ... or at least date for a few months before they call it off. Who knows.

Only time will tell, but word is that the rumored final two are still iron clad. Follow the link above to see who they (allegedly) are, and stay tuned!

And vote in our dueling Bachelorette surveys ...

Should Des have sent Zak home?

Who should she pick of the top three?


In her case I hoped the big final will be Zak came back, she doesn't need a paper tiger (Brooks).

Dana murphy

If she loved Brooks so much then she has NO business picking either Chris or Drew. Do them a BIG favor and let them go to find someone that will really love them, not be second choice. I think the show went way to far in letting the so call adults cry for 30 minutes. Grow up people no wonder you all hadn't found anyone to love you. If the show continues like this, it won't be around much longer.


Producers have to now know (post Brooks departing) the "crazies" that live at this high altitude (Have we forgotten crazy Michelle, my neighbor?). Brooks is missing a healthy mental connection, could be Aspergers/Autism or severe depression. He has little "affect" and or is crazy like a fox getting all this screen time tonight. Producers, do a more stringent mental evaluation.


I'm sorry but everyone seems to be busting on Brooks for not opening himself up fully when the other 2 have, but in my opinion, that makes him the most realistic. I mean c'mon...after 4 one on one dates with her, he is expected to fall madly in love (after shes seen him make out with like 20 other guys). You can't tell me you wouldn't be hurt and a little reluctant to want to spend the rest of your life with someone after seeing all that. It can def make you feel insecure and unappreciated.


Yeah lose that loser bro of yours Des. Something wrong with his character. I feel she will choose Brooks, although I find him a bit strange....also a bit scruffy. The other two are perfect gentlemen, but don't they always choose the "edgy" ones. Good luck anyway!


Des-You are interested in Brook because he isnt totally sold on this whole Bachelorette thing..And he is being smart by not revealing his whole self to the world.(HINT) Drew is a little weird-family little out there..chiropractor Dad-strange/Nose thing..NOT! Chris has really put hisself out there-revealing family issues (sister handicapped etc) To nice for you...Your brother has some issues--not normal...behavior (?)
My opinion....Walk away!!!

@ auntbee

you switched drew and chris.


First of all, I wish Des would keep her brother locked up in the hole he belongs in because he is toxic and completely detrimental to the show and to Des. I can't imagine how such a beautiful, classy, sweet girl like des could have such an insufferable anomaly for a brother. That being said, I expected Zak to go home last night because although he's a great guy and lots of fun, he is so obviously not a good fit for such a stunning woman. I was actually quite surprised he wasn't sent home the first night of the series when he assaulted everyone's senses with the infamous no-shirt gag. However, Des kept him on the show knowing full well he would go home near the end because Zak is a very good sport, and Des knows it would be easier for her to send him home at any given time rather than the other guys who are so emotionally obsessive about her. From the beginning of the season until now, I thought that Brooks was a shoe-in to win this whole competition, but at this point I DO NOT feel he is the best match for Des, because he clearly is not sure of his feelings, and she deserves better than that. If, however, Des truly does love him, then I think she will be hurt in the end and walk away with NOTHING. On the other hand, it would make me very happy to see des wind up engaged to either Drew or Chris. Drew is absolutely beautiful and he is as sweet as Mackinac fudge. By the same token, Chris is handsome, stable, brutally charming and totally awesome catch as well. Chris seems a little more mature than drew in terms of relationships and life experience. If things go my way, She will wind up with Drew. If things go America's way, she will wind up with Chris, and if things go Des' way, she will wind up with Brooks. I'm used to getting my way, but if she doesn't pick Drew, I do hope they send him my way!


I have said this many times, This guy she picks Brooks is totally gay. I don't get what she sees in him. She should have picked Chris. He seemed like the only normal guy. He is handsome, smart, caring, & NOT GAY. Drew looks like he's 10 years old. And Zak, altho a nice guy, just wasn't a match for her. Her brother is a total freak.. I don't like her anyway. I think she's weird just like her brother, & has absolute NO TASTE IN MEN. (That's if you want to call this group men) She's into gays. PERIOD>>>>>


I worry about any man that gets involved with Des. Her brother is a physco. and they need to keep away. He is too "protective" of Des. I think he has a serious problem and has funny ideas about how a brother and sister should act with each other.


No recap this week??

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