The Bachelorette Spoilers: Shocking Ending Ahead!

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The web has been abuzz with The Bachelorette spoilers this month, as fans Desiree Hartsock prepares for what could be a rocky lead-up to the finale.

Desiree Hartsock as The Bachelorette Photo

While in the past, The Bachelor or The Bachelorette spoilers have centered around which suitor the star would pick, this year looks a bit different.

Heading into the August 5 season-ender, most of the uncertainty surrounding Desiree Hartsock relates to whether she ends up engaged or heartbroken.

Brooks Forester has been the favorite all season long, both among those offering spoilers and on screen. Des has even admitted she's in love.

So what's the big twist keeping this from being a foregone conclusion?

Even the producers themselves are weighing in on the unusual nature of this particular "journey" for love, and hinting that it may not end smoothly.

Misleading teases that don't come to fruition or are underwhelming in the end are standard for this show, but you don't often hear ones like this:

“All I can say is that you will be shocked by how this ends.”

Straight from show-runner Mike Fleiss himself, to EW.

Yes, we realize that every single week promises THE MOST DRAMATIC ROSE CEREMONY EVER, so you can take that with a boulder of salt.

That said, the shot-caller adds that Hartsock's season's ending “doesn't make sense in some ways,” and “It comes out of left field in other ways.”

The two-part finale is “the weirdest ending we've ever had, for sure,” and while he won't say if the parties involves are happy, "it sure is interesting to watch.”

All season long, The Bachelorette spoilers from Reality Steve, the thorn in Fless' side for so many years, indicate that Desiree Hartsock does get engaged.

However, many suspect that something pretty big happens in the next two episodes that no one will see coming, and that could render his spoilers moot.

By all accounts, he says, Drew Kenney is eliminated in third place, setting up a Chris Siegfried vs. Brooks Forester finale one week from Monday.

On the season finale, Brooks allegedly proposes and Des accepts, but even the king of The Bachelorette spoilers is spotty on these next two weeks.

However it ends, we can pretty much guarantee that there will be unforeseen conflict, and that it involves Brooks. The question is how, and why?

In its preview for this coming Monday, ABC indicates that as Desiree is on overnight dates with Drew and Chris, Brooks is in the U.S. with his family.

This is unheard of on the show, as contestants typically have no time with family before or after hometown dates, which aired two episodes ago.

Brooks, the network says in its press release, is “torn between his strong feelings for Desiree when he is with her and insecurities when he is not.”

A heart-to-heart with his mother and sister help inspire his confidence and “with the reassurance he needs, [Brooks] boards the plane for Antigua.”

The drama doesn't end there, though, as Brooks Forester and Chris Harrison have their own heart-to-heart and “some shocking news is shared.”

Desiree and Brooks later talk this through, which leads to “one of the most explosive, dramatic, emotional moments in Bachelorette history.”

UPDATE, 7/29: Here's a new twist to the already-complicated situation:

Nate Hartsock, the outspoken brother of Desiree who made a scene on The Bachelor and claims to know the outcome of this season as well, Tweeted:

"I cannot tell you who wins but Reality Steve is wrong."

Reality Steve says he stands by his sources and spoilers, so here we have two opposing statements from two guys who do not enjoy being proven wrong.

UPDATE, 7/30: Well, that was certainly something last night.

After two terrific dates with Chris and Drew, Brooks crushes Des with the revelation that he's not ready to commit to her so seriously at this time.

Awkward exchanges were had. Tears flowed like never before.

Then we faded to black, unheard of in The Bachelorette world. No rose ceremony, no elimination, no clue how this is going to play out next week.

Bad as it looks, this was set up in such a way that it leaves plenty of time for Brooks to come around and sweep Des off her feet at the very end.

From the beginning, Brooks has been the guy in her mind.

Could this be a different way of "packaging" the season to play up a finale in which there really was no tough choice as long as Brooks was on board?

Very possible. It's hard to see Des falling back on Chris or Drew after this, isn't it? Is Brooks really gone for good after all that? Difficult to envision.

If you watch the end of last night's episode (above, just before the promo for next week begins) she basically says she can't love Chris or Drew enough.

While there's been plenty of talk of The Bachelorette spoilers being "wrong" this season in light of these revelations, be sure to keep in mind this:

  1. There's one episode - the final, dramatic conclusion - still to go
  2. The spoilers aren't inconsistent with what we've seen so far

If Brooks was her top pick all along, as we've been inclined to believe, nothing that happened last night makes a compelling case for Drew or Chris.

Meanwhile, a Brooks win actually seems more likely considering.

Des lamented, even, that those two "amazing, unreal guys" love her, but "I just can’t love them as much ... and that’s not what they deserve. Honestly, for me, it’s over.”

They can't possibly win, can they? If she simply carried on in Brooks' absence and got engaged to one or the other, the cliffhanger makes no sense.

So what's the point of next week? Either two more heartbreaking breakups and Des leaving as single as the day she started the show, or Brooks returns.

That, or we're in for mother of all surprises come next Monday. Stay tuned.

UPDATE, 8/5: Well ... that was certainly a shocking ending, as advertised!

Drew Kenney was eliminated. Chris Siegfried proposed and Desiree Hartsock accepted. No Brooks Forester return. No heartbreaking, bitter tumult.

Did anyone out there see that ending coming? Anyone at all?

Honestly, how the heck did ABC pull this thing off all along?

From Reality Steve's spoilers to Des' confessionals to the editing of the entire season, we were certainly led to believe this season was all about Brooks.

"Wow. Uhhhh, didn't see that coming," he wrote moments ago on Twitter. "No idea what happened. Just means ill have to get it right next season."

There it is. The Bachelorette spoilers guru has been stumped.

Was there deliberate misdirection on ABC's part to plant fake spoilers out there? Or just a terrific job of keeping the actual ending a secret for months?

Whatever the explanation, so well played by the network. Wow.

On the After the Final Rose special, Brooks Forester returned ... to talk about feelings. That was it. Des and Chris are together and happy, end of story.

Oh, and Juan Pablo Galavis will be The Bachelor, incidentally.

Now that all this is said and done, you tell us, THGers:

Did Desiree make the right decision with Chris?


great. desiree picks a 28 year old who admits he doesnt know what he wants to be when he grows up. bet he only went on the show to further his modeling career. big waste of time this season.


I don't get why people are rooting for Brooks. He's very effeminate and has bad teeth. It wouldn't surprise me if he confesses to being gay. that would be a different ending, now wouldn't it?!

@ MarjiMorningstar

I thought he was gay since episode one. He can't admit it because of his religion? Women fall in love with the gay guy all the time.

Carol parks
@ MarjiMorningstar

Everyone has a different opinion on what is attractive. But, Brooks could not do modeling if he wasn't considered good looking. The Gay thing is so over used on any guy someone doesn't like. No man that is Gay is going to want to be locked up with a bunch of guys talking about women, & having to date a woman. Especially since it's for a long time. Brooks is not effeminate, he's more of the hippie type to me.

@ Carol Parks

Totally agree with you @Carolparks! Especially about the whole gay thing being overused. Anytime a man exhibits a single feminine quality, "he's gay". So immature and judgmental to immediately jump to such conclusions. (Also, I think all of the final three are attractive for different reasons)


Chris should be the Bachelorette's FIRST Choice. Then, I could understand why Des cried on and on and on endlessly if Chris got a little scared and walked out, then returned. . Brooks? Not So Much... No sex appeal and certainly NOT "Mr. Personality"!!!!!!! Yuck! Cold & Distant like a 10 day old smelly fish.

Carol parks
@ NoNeedToKnow

Chris is very mature, and I agree would be a good match. But, she has to have chemistry with him, & it seems since day one, it has been Brooks only.


I am so tired of them bringing back "favorites" for us to watch again. Di anything different happen with Jake Pavekla, Ali Federkowski, Brad Womack. Can't they just bring in a new crop each season. We are tired of watching the same people going through the same crap with other people. Now I hear they are thinking about bringing Jan Pablo or Zak back as the next Bachelor. Come on folks. Let them find their own woman; bring us some fresh people!!!!

Carol parks
@ Deborah J

I disagree with you. I would love to see Zak come back & find happiness.

Carol parks

Oh, pleaseeee! Bryden had a girlfriend back home. He wasn't in to Des at all, it was so obvious. What you don't get is most women know whom they really are attracted to after meeting a group of men. It wasn't that Des fell for the first man she saw, it was the chemistry they had together. One of the most important things that keeps two people together is true friendship. They had that plus chemistry, & you could see in their eyes they both were falling for each other. It wasn't the words, it was how they interacted. The reason this is one of my all time Fav Bachelorette shows is because Des is so beautiful, yet so very down to earth, and mature. She would be an excellent wife, and mother. Brooks seems to be afraid of commitment. I hope he realizes how lucky he is to have met Des, who is really special. Sean, is very immature for his age. I have to wonder if he marries Catherine,because he seems like he is more interested in Hollywood, & fame. He is extremely boring to me. If it ends up that Des is really with Brooks in the end I hope they stay away from Hollywood, & have a wonderful life together. The secret is going back to an ordinary life, and having a real relationship. You can't do that in Hollywood, which is why no one ever stays together there. It's too plastic, & Ego driven. Good Luck Des! & true happiness. You deserve it!


This was one of those Bachelorette seasons that should have been cancelled about three weeks after it started, with everyone going home alone. I didn't care for Sean Lowe as the Bachelor. But giving the devil his due, Desiree's brother was not the only reason Sean sent Des home. There's just something about her that isn't right, and it's hard to put a finger on. It may well be that Brooks picked up on the same idiosyncrasies Sean did, which would explain his reluctance to make a commitment. Desiree failed to follow her own advice; RE: Don't get desperate. She fell for the first man she laid eyes on (Brooks) and the season was essentially over before it even got started. It seems to be universally agreed that by the time everyone got on the plane for Europe, she was already fully committed and addicted to Brooks. The entire European trip was a waste of time and money. By the time the trip began every man there was merely biding time, waiting to be kicked to the curb by Desiree. And truth be told, probably several of the men knew it. Certainly Bryden had seen the writing on the wall. He was liked and respected by the other men; and he was openly discussing his feelings at least a week before the overseas trip got off the ground. And this surely caused the others to have second thoughts. And when Bryden demonstrated the strength of his feelings by having the stones to make a decision and to take action on his (accurate) assessment of the situation ... and go home ... it most certainly had an effect on the remaining men. One can only wonder if he was the first man to ever voluntarily call it off with a Bachelorette? I've seen women quit and leave the Bachelor, but never a man. Whether he was or wasn't the first man to voluntarily quit the show ... kudos to him for being man enough to do it! Further, a strong case can be made that Desiree is at least emotionally unstable; and thus un-trustworthy. She spent half the time exchanging bodily fluids with multiple men (while at the same time being quietly fully committed to one man) and the other half of her time sobbing, whining, and rapping that a number of the men were not there for what she considered "the Right Reasons." Talk about hypocrisy! Nobody will ever argue that Des is not a basically good person. She's got all the qualities to be a great girlfriend or sweetheart, and maybe also a "best bud"; a tagalong pal; a playmate ... but a wife and mother ?????????? Putting it all together, Desiree can be described with just two words ... childishly immature. She's 27 going on sixteen. She's in love with the idea of being in love ... not with a flesh-and-blood man, Brooks Forester. She is not ready for real domestic life. And it's seasons like this one that could put the future of ABC's dating-mating reality shows in real jeopardy.

@ m.

m .. I think you are a cynical person who has no real understanding of human psyche/behavior!! I have thoroughly enjoyed this and all other Bachelor/ette series since day one. Des is a sweet girl with a good head on her shoulders. Anyone can see what great chemistry Brooks and Des had on their first date. Doesn't mean she 'fell' for the first guy she met like you say. She gave everyone else a fair shake. And Bryden was a weak, shy, fumbling guy who KNEW he didn't have a shot with her! He was like an 8th grader on his first date! Besides, he had a gf back home. And about Des 'exchanging bodily fluids with multiple men',.. that;s what they do on that show!! KISS. Cuz if someone is a bad kisser...that's a deal breaker with a LOT of women. And about Des's rap song... did she make it up? Did SHE call Soulja Boy to the shoot to advance her Rap career?? Sheesh! And why do you think she is so immature, pray tell?? You certainly have a vivid imagination and a lot of animosity towards a sweet gal like Des. Who are you to say that Des is just a great 'tagalong pal or playmate'?? Unless you've got a PhD in psychology, you should leave the diagnosises for the professionals!!! And PS Don't watch the show anymore!! No one will miss you

Carol parks

Unlike a lot of people it seems, I really have enjoyed Des the most out of all the past shows. She's so down to earth, & real. And she is really beautiful. I thought her, & Brooks would be really happy together. Now I don't know. I can't wait for the next two episodes.

@ Carol Parks

You had me until the end of your email...Brooks, as you can plainly read in my other post. is a distant (and distancing) person who, if he has a beating heart, hides it extremely well. He comes of as a pompous A##

Carol parks
@ NoNeedToKnow

I really don't see that in Brooks. I do think he is afraid of commitment. His Dad & mom divorced when he was young, so that might have something to do with it. I like Brooks, & I believe he really is in love with Des, because I have seen it in his eyes, & his actions.


Des picks Brooke ..which She claimed three weeks ago. Brooke says no ..Des cries.. brooke thinks about it ..cries ..flies back to Des.

@ bec ponder



She doesn't want to get married.


Her picker is broken. Chris is the one.

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