The Bachelorette Spoilers: Shocking Ending Ahead!

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The web has been abuzz with The Bachelorette spoilers this month, as fans Desiree Hartsock prepares for what could be a rocky lead-up to the finale.

Desiree Hartsock as The Bachelorette Photo

While in the past, The Bachelor or The Bachelorette spoilers have centered around which suitor the star would pick, this year looks a bit different.

Heading into the August 5 season-ender, most of the uncertainty surrounding Desiree Hartsock relates to whether she ends up engaged or heartbroken.

Brooks Forester has been the favorite all season long, both among those offering spoilers and on screen. Des has even admitted she's in love.

So what's the big twist keeping this from being a foregone conclusion?

Even the producers themselves are weighing in on the unusual nature of this particular "journey" for love, and hinting that it may not end smoothly.

Misleading teases that don't come to fruition or are underwhelming in the end are standard for this show, but you don't often hear ones like this:

“All I can say is that you will be shocked by how this ends.”

Straight from show-runner Mike Fleiss himself, to EW.

Yes, we realize that every single week promises THE MOST DRAMATIC ROSE CEREMONY EVER, so you can take that with a boulder of salt.

That said, the shot-caller adds that Hartsock's season's ending “doesn't make sense in some ways,” and “It comes out of left field in other ways.”

The two-part finale is “the weirdest ending we've ever had, for sure,” and while he won't say if the parties involves are happy, "it sure is interesting to watch.”

All season long, The Bachelorette spoilers from Reality Steve, the thorn in Fless' side for so many years, indicate that Desiree Hartsock does get engaged.

However, many suspect that something pretty big happens in the next two episodes that no one will see coming, and that could render his spoilers moot.

By all accounts, he says, Drew Kenney is eliminated in third place, setting up a Chris Siegfried vs. Brooks Forester finale one week from Monday.

On the season finale, Brooks allegedly proposes and Des accepts, but even the king of The Bachelorette spoilers is spotty on these next two weeks.

However it ends, we can pretty much guarantee that there will be unforeseen conflict, and that it involves Brooks. The question is how, and why?

In its preview for this coming Monday, ABC indicates that as Desiree is on overnight dates with Drew and Chris, Brooks is in the U.S. with his family.

This is unheard of on the show, as contestants typically have no time with family before or after hometown dates, which aired two episodes ago.

Brooks, the network says in its press release, is “torn between his strong feelings for Desiree when he is with her and insecurities when he is not.”

A heart-to-heart with his mother and sister help inspire his confidence and “with the reassurance he needs, [Brooks] boards the plane for Antigua.”

The drama doesn't end there, though, as Brooks Forester and Chris Harrison have their own heart-to-heart and “some shocking news is shared.”

Desiree and Brooks later talk this through, which leads to “one of the most explosive, dramatic, emotional moments in Bachelorette history.”

UPDATE, 7/29: Here's a new twist to the already-complicated situation:

Nate Hartsock, the outspoken brother of Desiree who made a scene on The Bachelor and claims to know the outcome of this season as well, Tweeted:

"I cannot tell you who wins but Reality Steve is wrong."

Reality Steve says he stands by his sources and spoilers, so here we have two opposing statements from two guys who do not enjoy being proven wrong.

UPDATE, 7/30: Well, that was certainly something last night.

After two terrific dates with Chris and Drew, Brooks crushes Des with the revelation that he's not ready to commit to her so seriously at this time.

Awkward exchanges were had. Tears flowed like never before.

Then we faded to black, unheard of in The Bachelorette world. No rose ceremony, no elimination, no clue how this is going to play out next week.

Bad as it looks, this was set up in such a way that it leaves plenty of time for Brooks to come around and sweep Des off her feet at the very end.

From the beginning, Brooks has been the guy in her mind.

Could this be a different way of "packaging" the season to play up a finale in which there really was no tough choice as long as Brooks was on board?

Very possible. It's hard to see Des falling back on Chris or Drew after this, isn't it? Is Brooks really gone for good after all that? Difficult to envision.

If you watch the end of last night's episode (above, just before the promo for next week begins) she basically says she can't love Chris or Drew enough.

While there's been plenty of talk of The Bachelorette spoilers being "wrong" this season in light of these revelations, be sure to keep in mind this:

  1. There's one episode - the final, dramatic conclusion - still to go
  2. The spoilers aren't inconsistent with what we've seen so far

If Brooks was her top pick all along, as we've been inclined to believe, nothing that happened last night makes a compelling case for Drew or Chris.

Meanwhile, a Brooks win actually seems more likely considering.

Des lamented, even, that those two "amazing, unreal guys" love her, but "I just can’t love them as much ... and that’s not what they deserve. Honestly, for me, it’s over.”

They can't possibly win, can they? If she simply carried on in Brooks' absence and got engaged to one or the other, the cliffhanger makes no sense.

So what's the point of next week? Either two more heartbreaking breakups and Des leaving as single as the day she started the show, or Brooks returns.

That, or we're in for mother of all surprises come next Monday. Stay tuned.

UPDATE, 8/5: Well ... that was certainly a shocking ending, as advertised!

Drew Kenney was eliminated. Chris Siegfried proposed and Desiree Hartsock accepted. No Brooks Forester return. No heartbreaking, bitter tumult.

Did anyone out there see that ending coming? Anyone at all?

Honestly, how the heck did ABC pull this thing off all along?

From Reality Steve's spoilers to Des' confessionals to the editing of the entire season, we were certainly led to believe this season was all about Brooks.

"Wow. Uhhhh, didn't see that coming," he wrote moments ago on Twitter. "No idea what happened. Just means ill have to get it right next season."

There it is. The Bachelorette spoilers guru has been stumped.

Was there deliberate misdirection on ABC's part to plant fake spoilers out there? Or just a terrific job of keeping the actual ending a secret for months?

Whatever the explanation, so well played by the network. Wow.

On the After the Final Rose special, Brooks Forester returned ... to talk about feelings. That was it. Des and Chris are together and happy, end of story.

Oh, and Juan Pablo Galavis will be The Bachelor, incidentally.

Now that all this is said and done, you tell us, THGers:

Did Desiree make the right decision with Chris?

Carol parks

Des deserves so much better then Brooks. I wish people would stop with the Gay stuff, he's not Gay, none of them are. But, Brooks cannot communicate his feelings clearly. He's mumbling & making no sense. Then he seems like he really regrets telling her he has no feelings the moment he hears her say I'm in love with you. He's like why didn't you tell me? She can't that's part of the agreement of the show. And for all these people worried about the fantasy suites, I seriously doubt she had sex. They just talk & cuddle is more likely what happened. She fell hard for him in the beginning. I do believe Brooks is in Denial because all of his actions, & his eyes especially do show love for Des. I do believe he is in love with her, but too stupid to know it. He's all over that show with his emotions being everywhere. They say they are together, but how she can trust him is a mystery to me.


Brooks is coming back, he has to be....but in my opinion the reason she wants him so much more then the others is because he played the hardest to "get"...Never said the three words that she heard from all the others. She may not be aware of this but it seems to me it's typical human nature...

Carol parks
@ Lori Gillette

No, the reason is because she fell hard for him, starting with that first date. They both seemed to just click. Some of the former men said it was obvious they were in love. Brooks was just too stupid not to know, or just in denial. But, apparently he comes back. I hope he crawls to her & apologizes. I wouldn't be able to trust him after that.

@ Carol Parks

Brooks has been the most REAL this entire season. Never pushy, never jumping the 'i love you' rope, and always completely in tune to finding out what he is feeling. His personality is never cheesy...never over doing it with poems (every single date)...Brooks knows who he is. Totally sexy.


This is the dumbest show on the air. I can't afford to lose brain cells do don't watch this utter crap!

Carol parks
@ Spare+me

Then why are you posting on here? Makes no sense!


who cares..


Brooks should have come on out and said he was gay instead of the hemming and hawing. Chris, whom I like, was just as a part of it as Brooks. That could have been handled , Brooks goes off, and doesn't come back. End of Brooks on Bachelorette. I don't remember long lasting kisses w/Des/Brooks. The other two she was all over them.

Carol parks
@ Sassy1000001

He's Not Gay. None of them are.


Last night's show was very boring - why all the kissing and Des saying how great they other two guys were in the beginning of the show and how she could see her life with them and then, as soon as Brooks enters back into the picture, she admits that he has been the one from the very beginning. I think they are both very good actors and all of this is just for ratings. Maybe Brooks does have some questions in his mind if he really wants to propose, but my gosh, so much DRAMA?? So, basically, Des has strung these other two guys along and Drew, in particular, as well as Chris, are both going to be broken hearted. Someone always has to be broken hearted in the end, but this seems totally beyond anything I've seen in the past. The whole time I was watching Brooks, beginning with the trip back to Boise, and then the interview with Chris Harrison, and then the meeting with Des - I just felt that most of it was staged, or "HYPED UP" to get ratings for the show. It has been no secret that this Season has not had the ratings of past Seasons. I hope it works out for Des, but sometimes it just doesn't, and, how can someone be MADLY in love in 9 weeks - and, that is not even 9 weeks of being together on a full-time basis.


I still say this is all done for ratings. PERIOD....And anyhow, I honestly believe this guy Brooks is without a doubt GAY....He doesn't love Des because he probably has a boyfriend that he's in love with. She has the worst taste in men. This has been the ultimate worst bachelorette yet. I won't be watching this crap any longer. The show is a complete joke.

@ Tina

good no one wants you to watch it anymore. you only have negative, hurtful things to say.


I finally figured this out! Brooks is going to propose to Drew, and they are going to have the first gay wedding in Bachelorette history on national TV. It will be a ratings dynamo!


This is probably the most honest but over acted series to date. Des & Brooks are honest. I don't know of any man who can decide he loves a woman after 9-10 weeks and sharingher with 25 guys. Brooks needs more time Des does not. I believe he loves her but needs to know she loves him which he heard last night. The man has class & respect for himself & for Des. I agree Des should not be so loving to the other 2 guys and I am sure their was no hands on at the over night dates if she truly loves Brooks. Hope they get together but not engaged yet. Brooks & Des need time to get it right but mostly natural!

@ Chris

I have thought Drew might be gay, never thought Brooks is, but a few here have thought so. Who knows. why isn't something better done with her hair and her weird eye make up with the blue liner, she needs a make over. I think she and Chris should stick together.


So Des said Brooks was the one a couple episodes ago, why is she stringing along Drew and Chris I have no sympathy for her she is doing to them what Brooks just did to her

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