The Bachelorette Spoilers: Desiree Hartsock Engaged? Or Heartbroken?

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Desiree Hartsock is closing in on get her fairy-tale ending, and according to The Bachelorette spoilers we've read, the season finale may not surprise viewers.

Or will it?

Desiree is in fact engaged, some reports indicate, and given that she's already sharing that she's in love with Brooks Forester, he seems like the obvious pick.

There's something unusual about the editing approach this season, however, beginning with her openness about that fact, and the overall scheduling.

The Men Tell All special airs next week, a week earlier than normal, essentially setting up a two-part finale after that with three guys still remaining.

What we could see is a cliffhanger of sorts after the penultimate episode. The question is whether it's a big deal, or just a matter of clever editing.

The general consensus is that it all comes down to Brooks Forester.

Assuming Desiree Hartsock is already leaning towards Brooks, why drag it out for two episodes? Why make it so clear that he's the heavy favorite?

There are two obvious, albeit conflicting explanations for this:

  1. Brooks does not win Ms. Hartsock's final rose after all.
  2. He does, but there's a separate obstacle to come.

Assuming it's #1, well played, ABC. Assuming it's #2, that obstacle could be Brooks' willingness to go get on the same "forever" page as Desiree.

The previews may suggest the latter. Desiree is seen sobbing, seemingly heartbroken, wearing the outfit she has on for (we think) greeting Brooks.

Brooks Forester and Desiree are showing in an embrace as viewers hear him talk about loving her, however, he is not shown saying that on camera.

Desiree Hartsock Engaged!
Desiree Hartsock and Brooks Forester Picture

If you ask Reality Steve, the perennial authority on The Bachelorette spoilers, the ending will play out just as he predicted it would months ago:

Drew Kenney, he says, is eliminated in third place, setting up a Chris Siegfried vs. Brooks finale, with Forester popping the question at the end.

Despite all the scheduling shifts and unusual edits, the finale is rather conventional, he says, with Chris getting nixed and Brooks bringing it home.

He could be wrong, certainly. But that what what he says.

Steve notes that ABC “wouldn't change around the ending of their show for the first time in 26 seasons to have it play on like it normally does.”

By that, he means that there will likely be some unforeseen conflict involving Brooks, however he is short on specifics about what the will entail.

One theory? Brooks leaves, temporarily, crushing our girl ... only to come back later and convince Desiree Hartsock that he is in fact all in for life.

Or all of this could be wrong and Drew or Chris could win the final rose in the end. We will never know for certain until the season finale plays out.

UPDATE, 7/23: The Men Tell All has come and gone, and what's been promised is a two-part finale that is the most surprising and emotional EVER.

As you can see from the season finale preview above, Des' tears are the focal point as she sobs, says "it's over" and "I just want to go home."

UPDATE, 7/27: As rumors continue to swirl about the finale, all of the talk seems to surround Brooks and the unprecedented, shocking ending.

UPDATE, 7/29: Des' always-outspoken brother has gone on record on Twitter saying that he can't reveal the winner ... but "Reality Steve is wrong."

Steve counters that he stands by his sources and spoilers, though he admits he has a major intel gap between now and the final rose ceremony.

So there's that.

UPDATE, 7/30/13: The shocking conclusion we've been promised? Certainly appears to be as advertised after Brooks and Des' apparent breakup.

Will he return to sweep her off her feet? Will Drew or Chris swoop in? Will she leave as single as the day she signed on to star on the ABC reality hit?

We will soon find out. For now, share all of your comments and predictions on The Bachelorette spoilers with us below, and vote in our ongoing survey:

Who do you think Des should pick on The Bachelorette?


I have been following this saga very closely and it's so obvious to me that she gets engaged to Brooks. I think the brother got to brooks as seen on excerpts of the homecoming episode. He probably scared him but not enough to not come back and propose. Yikes poor brooks having Desiree's brother in your family


She only really likes one to them, Brooks. He'll come around, he's just scared of commitment. That kind anyway.


It seems like more men than women have commented -- strange. I found myself wishing I was 30 years younger so I could look up Zack. After a goofy start shirtless, I thought he was by far the most balanced, sincere man of the bunch, by far. Having your loved one gone for 6 months at a time (as he mentioned is the case on the MTA special) might have been the deal-breaker, even though Des didn't mention it. But Zack is so, so appealing and seems to be real ... as I said, wish I was 3 decades younger!


You are wonder? Here's your answer. Zack will be back in those final episodes.

@ C. Goozey

Hey, girl, don't let age be a barrier - its only a number in the mind.
If Joan Collins can marry a man 33 years younger, certainly Zack is fair game for YOU!


I think she may have made a mistake by eliminating Zach. He is a man of character. The final three, as I see it: Drew - Sweet, but immature and not ready for marriage yet. Chris - Nice guy from a nice family, but not for Des. Brooks - Immature, and, a "player." Not yet ready to settle down. Think she blew it by letting Zach go. ~0:'-/

@ Nikkie~0;-)

what is so immature about Drew, if you don't mind me asking? he's sweet, he's kind, he's in touch with his feelings, the kind of guy that desiree could get close to emotionally he's hot and he is responsible, seriously, he is the perfect guy I don't understand why there are so much hates towards him it is like all those posts saying he is gay? what an insult to all straight men, suggesting they are bunch of smelly neatherthals


This is how I see it.....Brooks admits he's gay. Anyone can see that he is DEFINITELY GAY. Even if he winds up w/her, he is not STRAIGHT. How could she pick him???? eww....He hasn't told her he loves her, because he probably is in love already w/a dude. PERIOD.....

@ Tina

where is this hearsay about Brooks being a player coming from - where is the evidence? Guys that introverted and cautious are not players in my experience.

@ Tina

lol...well I'm a guy and I don't think he's gay. Additionally, I cannot see that he is gay even though you said "anyone can see.." Men don't always have to be super manly to be considered men. But you knew that right? Anyway, clearly you don't have the same taste in men as Des. But then again, that really doesn't matter, because it's Des' pick, not yours. Haha love judgmental girls like you...


I think Desiree likes brooks the most but he seems to be into her the least of the three men. Maybe he likes that is holding back a bit


Meg and Sophia, I agree with you. Des seems too eager to display emotions with too many of these guys. She can't possibly have the deep feelings that she acts out for all of them. It would definitely diminish Brooks' feelings for her to watch her with another guy. I don't blame him for doubting her when she says she loves him, but she's crushing on Drew and Chris. She should be cooling them down, but it doesn't appear that she is from previews.
I would have sent everyone home after the first date with Brooks.

@ Suzii3

Totally agree with you. And I feel as though a lot of people are asking questions like " why doesn't Des just date someone who actually loves her back?" And i think that is such a stupid question because, first of all, you can't control who you love. Sure they love her, but if she doesn't love them, then it is the same situation...only reversed. Secondly, I think Brooks is being the most realistic. The times they've gotten to be together have been recorded in front of people on camera. What happens when those cameras aren't rolling and reality hits. Everything has to be so rushed with this show, and brooks is considered "immature" for not wanting to get married after such a short time without any privacy, always fearing "America's hate mail" if he says the wrong thing. And finally, most fans who are in love with Drew or Chris haven't seen the compilation videos on youtube of Brooks and Des and how obviously in love they are! As much as I think Drew is hot and Chris is sweet, it all comes down to their chemistry with DES, and so Brooks totally has them beat. And I'm sure Des feels the same way, she knows (like we do), that they are all hot and sweet, but she is the only one who can know for sure who she feels the least awkward around.


I have thought since day one that Brooks is gay. Could this be the finale? I guess we'll find out next week. Really hope she picks Drew.


Honestly...I think she should go with whoever she has the most chemistry with...however...the only guy on this entire season that is even remotely sexy is Juan Pablo...the rest of them are either super femmy or meatheads!

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