The Bachelorette Recap: Who Will It Be Now?

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Tonight's the night! Errr, sort of.

Previews have shown all three remaining men, and Des herself, in tears, with The Bachelorette spoilers promising a shocking ending!

Just which of these eligible bachelors will Desiree Hartsock choose as her quest for love reaches part one of a "shocking" season-ender?

Let's find out in THG's +/- recap!

Desiree Hartsock as The Bachelorette Photo

Des said "fairy tale." Minus 4. Recap of the entire season after we just recapped the entire season last week during the Men Tell All episode. Minus 10.

More of Chris' awful poetry. Minus 2. More of Drew who, let's be clear, doesn't exactly scream straight male in this "for all the right reasons." Minus 5. 

And then there's Brooks. Desiree's feelings for him are "set apart" from her feelings for the other guys. Everything about this opening says that she chooses him. Everything.

Except the fact that he's apparently unsure of the fact that he's expected to propose to her at the end of this. So that's not good. (Or it's smart and very good because it means he's serious? Who knows.)

They're in Antigua for the overnight dates and Drew's date is first. 

Drew really feels like if they were married and going on vacation, they'd definitely be doing things like going to Antigua and hanging with the locals. And doing the limbo. (But not, perhaps, the horizontal mambo?) 

They head down a trail for a picnic overlooking the water and talk about his family and hometown date. Bringing her home to meet his family and his sister was one of the happiest day of his life. 

Drew calls Desiree his "soul mate" and hopes tonight will be the night he can tell her.

The show cuts to commercial with the two of them kissing. When it returns, they're still kissing. Plus 12.

Because of the rain, she takes him to the fantasy suite and then gives him an invitation to the fantasy suite. An invitation which he accepts. Plus 4.

Drew tells her he's ready to propose to her that night. Then he tells the camera crew it's time to leave.

It strikes me just how awkward it is that she can invite all of the men to the fantasy suite on consecutive nights. Isn't that a deal breaker for any of them? So, so awkward.

But hey, what happens in the fantasy suite, right?

Drew Kenney Photo

Brooks needs to go home to visit his family before he can go on an overnight with Desiree. He's not to the point yet where he can tell Desiree he loves her because he doesn't know if he loves her.

He's uncomfortable with the idea of proposing to her at the end of this and can't answer the question "do you love Desiree" without feeling like he's saying something wrong.

His sister says if he's at this point and he can't say it, he knows the answer he's looking for. He gets quiet. 

Brooks has a tough week ahead of him.

Chris, however, is ready to go on his date with Desiree. He's "truly, madly, deeply" in love with her. Plus 5.

They take a helicopter ride to see the island and he says he has no doubt that they're sharing the same feelings of love together. He's so...syrupy sweet.

Nice make out session in the waves in their swim suits which is something that just doesn't happen because SAND IN THE BATHING SUIT. Minus 13.

It doesn't rain out their dinner, so they get to eat and have a conversation about the future. Which Desiree awkwardly brings up. 

He's found a job he really likes in Seattle. And he'd like to raise a family in Seattle. But he doesn't know if Desiree wants to be in Seattle.

She's willing to make the sacrifice for the person she loves and would definitely be down with moving to Seattle. Plus 8.

They talk about making eye contact over dinner and she gives him the fantasy suite invitation. He thinks the suite is a great opportunity to spend more time with her the stars. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

He wrote her another poem. This one tells her that he's ready to spend his life with her forever and ever. As long as they can watch the stars. Minus 7

Chris Siegfried Photo

Gratuitous shot of Desiree in a bikini getting dressed. Minus 25.

Finally, Brooks has made it to Antigua for his date with Desiree. Her feelings for him are deeper than her feelings for the other guys and she's not just falling in love with him. She's in love.

Before their date, Brooks sits down with Chris Harrison. Brooks' head tells him he's in love with her, but his heart doesn't. 

He doesn't want to jump into this because it's a big deal. 

Chris asks "are you not sure, or are you telling me I'm not in love with this girl" and Brooks goes "hmm. I don't know." 

Brooks has thought about everything and he doesn't think he's going to feel it if he doesn't feel it yet. Desiree isn't the love of his life.

But he has this crazy love for her. But she's not the one.

He's ready to commit, but not to Des.

Chris tells him to man up. If he's going to break Desiree's heart it's better that he does it sooner rather than later. After all, she'll have to pick her second choice dude to fill Brooks' shoes.

Desiree Hartsock and Brooks Forester Pic

It's time for him to go and meet Desiree and he's got to stop off and cry under a tree first. Desiree thinks today is going to be stress free, no worries. Ehhhh....

He's crying as he walks up and asks her to go have a talk with him. 

He loves that they had such an amazing first date. And that she's a much better person than he is. And she can see the writing on the wall that this is a break-up and not a profession of love.  

He really wants to be madly in love with her, but... she starts to cry and he begs her not to cry. WHY DO MEN DO THAT? Minus 100.

She can't even look at him and she asks the question "why now?" He tells her he didn't know. He thought more time would make it happen. 

Through tears, she says "I love you." And he wants to know why she didn't say it earlier. She says she did with their silly running, skipping, jumping analogy, but apparently he failed that part of school.

She's never felt completely loved by anyone in her life. He tries to soothe her broken heart with "I do care about you." 

He doesn't think doing anything differently would have changed things and keeps talking. She tells him to just stop talking because it's just breaking her heart more to rehash it all. Minus 35.

In his one-on-one, he says he didn't want to leave her and he didn't expect to feel that. He didn't expect to want to stay with her. 

After continuing to say how sorry he is, he asks if they can just walk for a little bit. She says she wanted him to meet her family and he asks her what she's going to do now. He doesn't know where she was with the other guys.

Best exchange of the night:

Brooks: I'm sorry. I'll shut up. I'm not helping.
Desiree: No. Not at all.

Whatever mascara Desiree's wearing? It really lives up to its waterproof claims.

Brooks stops to cry by some more trees while Desiree's salty tears find new homes in the ocean. 

Brooks misses all of the moments he and Desiree shared already. He was banking on the fact that she was more in love with one of the other guys and his breaking her heart wouldn't be quite so devastating.

He was wrong.


How will it end next Monday night? Is it truly "over" for the brunette beauty and her dream man? Share your predictions and thoughts in the comments!


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My heart goes out to Desiree! I don't think she'll pick anyone! If she can't have Brooks then its over.


Have never liked DREW- dwells too much on perfection and others flaws -something 'different' !?...doesn't want to admit or commit-perhaps BROOKE's problem as well- heard SHAWN & CATHERINE have already broken up-maybe he will come back to DES!---bottom line>these shows are not a good place to find the REAL person-do things together that actually happen in LIFE-do yard work,housecleaning shopping,balance bank acct,help in the community w elders and/or children!That's what will matter in the long run!

Flutter bys

I think she will just send the other two guys home now and talk about everything "in front of a live audience" as they said the show will be next week. It makes me so mad because Chris and Drew love her so much, are both great guys and Chris is perfect for her. She just gives up on the other two because Brooks didn't love her?!! I was rooting for Chris from the very beginning and now she's gonna break his heart when they are perfect together. I never did like Brooks.

@ Flutter Bys

how can you say that about brooks not loving her and how it makes you mad because the other two do... SHE doesn't love the other two as much as brooks, same situation reversed, no!?

Flutter bys
@ Flutter Bys

If Brooks did come back I don't think she should take him back because he's confused and don't know what he wants and will just hurt her again.

@ Flutter Bys

According to the spoilers, Des and Brooks are engaged, so he must decide to come back in the last episode...Spoilers have been wrong before, but usually they are right on.


i think brooks will come back!! and then drew will leave and be the next bachelor;)

@ lexi

I'm just not sure how much of this show is real, and how much is staged..They never tell who they are in love with ever before proposal, so I feel like lot of staging going on last night to get the viewers attention...It got mine and even though I feel that way, I still tune in every week.


I would have loved to see Des' brother in this episode with Brooks breaking up with Des- the brother would have been the most honest with his words and actions ( and ripping into Brooks). He would have told his sister that she needed to leave all three men! My opinion is that Brooks can't tell any woman he loves her. I think Drew is sweet for a boyfriend. I think Chris us the most normal and he will move on and be fine. Des...she should get a fashion TV show and be done with it.


Brooks....grow up! It's OK to be gay. And that's what you are if you have found "the perfect woman" who you are "crazy about" but you can not commit to her. I hope for Brooks sake he figures it out and moves on to find a great guy who can make him happy. Des....why YOU couldn't figure this out, I will NEVER know.


I am an openly gay man myself...I dont hide my sexuality..And I can for sure tell you me and all my gay male freinds think Brooks and Drew are gay! It is very clear from how they act , their jesters..etc..On the 1st night me and my boyfreinds nailed Brooks, Micheal and Drew as we are 100% sure of this fact.
I think brooks just inst into women. I am very surprised him and Drew werent 'caught' humping each other. Like i remeber during jakes season "he is also gay" that Rosyln was having sex with a produer and he sent her home. Would have been awesome had these two got caught..i was hoping that..tTHAT was the dramatic part..not this 50 minutes of crying sh*t. Really let down this season...but hey Drew is eye candy for us gay men so that was good..Brooks we find gross yuk!


I'm with u Dee. Brooks is definetely gay. Maybe he can be next years bachelorette.

@ emmy augustus

you're right -BROOKS and DREW are JESTERS>clowns who joke and make others laugh!(GESTURE>a movement of hands,ETC)

@ mamabear

SORRY,emmy-meant to respond to thomas-used the bottom REPLY button instead of top!(new at this!)

@ emmy augustus

hmmm I agree that Drew is very possibly gay, I never thought of Brooke but yeah, could be. but why would u say Michael? 'm hoping he's the next bachelor. Yes, Drew is eye candy, he should never wear a shirt.


I (for one) cannot believe that that sniveling-ass Brooks even made it to the final 3. Gimme a fucking break!!!!! Brooks reminds me of a very immature college-jock-type that will NEVER grow up. And, by keeping Brooks around for WAY TOO LONG, I think it proves that Desiree has lousy-ass taste when it comes to men. VERY dumb as hell!!!!!


it's crossed my mind a few times that des decided early on who she wanted and it's possible that because of that, as obviously they aren't going to just finish the show early, that the producers decided to put a little spin on the show for some excitement. it is possible this is just some staged break up for ratings. shrugs, just my thoughts on it anyway.

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