Teresa Giudice "Cool, Calm and Collected" in Face of Mounting Legal Woes

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Teresa Giudice is facing problems that go far beyond mere table flips and cocktail party fights.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star and her husband Joe have been indicted on 39 counts and appeared yesterday in federal court to face charges that include bank fraud and wire fraud.

They are now free on $500,000 bond and Teresa's lawyer says his client is trying to remain "calm, cool and collected" in the face of such woes.

On Way to Federal Court

"She's been through a lot, as everybody who watches the show knows," Henry E. Klingeman told Us Weekly. "[There have been] challenges, both personal and professional, and she deals with them in due course and she'll deal with this one."

This is the first, of course, that involves a possible 50-year prison sentence.

It was revealed yesterday that Joe is not actually U.S. citizen. Therefore, if he's found guilty of bankruptcy fraud charges, he may be deported.

"The family is handling themselves with great dignity, but it's very traumatic," Klingeman said of this possibility. "And when you have four small girls, it's tough for everybody, including the girls."

And just how is Joe himself handling it?

"Every point has two sides and there is another side to this," the reality star's attorney, Miles Feinstein, said. "We're confident they're not guilty but we haven't received the discovery [yet]."


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there idiots and if u cheat the goverment u'll get caught. she is loud and obnoxious and he is a freaking idiot who cheats on his wife. feel sorry for those girls not them hope they take those girls to some other family cause they need discipline.

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She is NEVER 'cool, calm and collected'. She and her husband have shown themselves repeatedly to be confrontational, vicious, profane and LOUD. It's hard to lie to viewers who have watched in horror as they trashed everyone and everything around them.


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Joe will prolly get deported,
but can Teresa get off by playing stupid and pretending she didn't know what she was entering and signing?

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