Teen Wolf Comic-Con Trailer: A Surprising Smooch

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The extremely talented and very attractive cast of Teen Wolf gathered at Comic-Con yesterday for an engaging panel discussion with thousands of rabid fans.

Among the topics addressed:

  • The date of the winter premiere (January 6).
  • Stiles' virginity (to be dealt with on an upcoming episode).
  • An upcoming new direction that will involve a Japanese shapeshifter.
  • A flashback episode for Derek.
  • And a kiss between Derek and Lydia?!?

Oh yes. Watch the following new trailer to witness the latter major event, along with more fresh footage from Season 3 episodes:


I've commented on your Pretty Little Liars review and your last Teen Wolf review. You people don't know shit. Seriously, stick to what you're good at. TV shows ain't your thing. There was no kiss between Derek and Lydia. That was Lydia and Stiles. Errors like these make it obvious that not only are you incompetent, but that you clearly DO NOT watch the fucking show.


You are so wrong! it's Derek and the teacher and Lydia and Stiles!


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it's getting really serious these day's.

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