Talia Castellano Dies; YouTube Beauty, Fashion Star Was 13

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Talia Castellano, the miniature makeup maven who became a YouTube and CoverGirl star with her own clothing line, has died of cancer at age 13.

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“It is with a heavy heart that we share with all of you that Talia earned her wings at 11:22 am,” her official Facebook page announced this morning.

“Please lift her beautiful soul, her beautiful light to heaven and please send love and prayers to her family during this most difficult time.”

The spunky teen gained attention after her YouTube makeup tutorials won over legions of fans across the nation, earning over 40 million views.

Her funny, candid personality and determination in the face of a grim cancer diagnosis made her posts about so much more than just makeup.

"For people to see that there are kids that get cancer… it’s just a true fact. Me putting a face on it makes a difference,” she told People in 2012.

“I’ve always been a really bubbly girl, and my mom tells me to think about the positive. Even though cancer is a negative, horrible thing, there are positives.

The fashion-obsessed Florida girl drew fans around the world, including talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, who welcomed her to the CoverGirl family.

“How do you stay so positive?” DeGeneres asked Talia, whose cancer treatment options, including a bone marrow transplant, were then running low.

“When people ask me that, I’m just, ‘What do you want me to do? Be depressed?” said Talia, who said her motto was, appropriately, “Just keep swimming.”

DeGeneres added her voice to the thousands of others expressing their condolences today, “This year I met a very special girl, and today we lost her."

“Sending my heart to Talia’s family. I’m so sad,” she Tweeted.

We all are. R.I.P.


I just learned this news a few second ago, My heart stopped..as I read that talia died at age 13, no, i said, no....What a beautiful girl,,,My prayers go out tho the parents of this sweet innocent young precious girl, you are an angel, rest in peace..Talia, Thank you Ellen, You Made her so happy that day on your Show. God Bless the Ellen's in the World who truly made a difference in that little beauty's life


I feel for Talia's family, loosing a family member to that terrible decease is devastating, I los my mother to leukemia and I know it is very difficult, but a young girl like Talia, will always be with us in spirit, I saw her in the Ellen DeGeneres TV show and I noticed how wonderful she was her smile her way of thinking was beyond anyone her age, that proves her parents are wonderful people and raised her to be a great human being, I feel for them now and I will pray for God to help them heal this pain and help them keep her spirit alive. God bless Talia

Lynn ingram

Some souls are just too beautiful for this world. There is rejoicing in heaven because an angel has come home.


give me the facts on how to become young.


am 24yrs but when i look at my age mates,i see myself aperson of 35yrs.what can i do to look still young.


I sobbed at reading the post and I have no words to help her family accept you some how get used to how much it hurts inside. It won't get easy but I thank god for it because its all I have left now of loves and lost. I pray for dreams and smile through tears but finally remember beyond the cancer. With mad love for talia 2013, Jordan 2005at 10 years old( my step son all his life oh but he held my heart), my mom in 2013! All taken by cancer. I no our wounds will never heal! Please find a way to cure cancer! I honor you all, god bless and keep all well!


After hearing of her death, I called my local blood bank to make an appointment to donate blood. Talia was helped through blood donations and always encouraged people to donate. Please honor her life by calling YOUR local blood bank and donate!


Rest In peace we love you thanks four hangging there..you are a angle..


Now...these are the kinds of stories that THG need to publish more of...and less and less stories of Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan and those icky Kar-Trash-Ians (aka 3 trashy-ass examples). Anyway, Talia...REST IN PEACE you sweet, sweet angel!!!!! Amen.


So sad that Talia is now gone. What an inspiration to the young people with cancer . That beautiful smile and bright eyes will be missed!!! Much love, kind thoughts, and heartfelt prayers to her family. Rest in peace, little darling!!

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