Star Wars 7: Zac Efron or Ryan Gosling as Luke Skywalker's Son?

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From the moment Star Wars 7 was announced, there has been speculation behind the film. Everything from the storyline, to the director, to the casting.

Zac Efron in Italy
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This morning's buzzy casting rumor is that both Zac Efron and Ryan Gosling have their names in the hat for the upcoming Star Wars film. 

Surely this news has plenty of Star Wars fans rolling their eyes.

Seriously, Zac Efron? Nothing against the guy but Star Wars is not your typical Nicholas Sparks fare. Gosling isn't as cringe-worthy but doesn't scream "Jedi Knight" either. 

Of course this is all speculation at this point. Hopefully we'll get actual Star Wars 7 news out of the upcoming D23 Expo. 

So what say you? Is Zac Efron the perfect choice to lead the Jedi in this next generation? Is Ryan Gosling more than capable of wielding a light saber?

Sound off in the comments below!

Should Zac Efron or Ryan Gosling appear in the next Star Wars?

Star Wars isn't the only iconic franchise with casting rumors lately. Have you seen where Tyler Hoechlin screen tested with Henry Cavill and Jensen Ackles dreams of being the Caped Crusader?


These two actors are good actors but not good enough to be in Star Wars there are way better actors. I'm sure Lucas has a vision and these two actors aren't in it.


Keanu Reeves definitely


How about. Chris Pine??? It might be a little much if he is in Star Wars and Star Trek but he would be great I think


The truth is, as long as Luke's son appears and plays a large lead role in the films, I'm not too fussed who they get to play him, provided it's someone with legit acting chops.

@ Patricia

I feel the same (that Luke's son is the most important role), but if I could pick just one actor to play the part, it would probably be Liam Hemsworth.


The Thrawn series is canon so why can't they just film that and leave things alone. JJ Abrams is great but we cannot let Disney ruin established storyline


Since when did Luke Skywalker look like a Ken Doll? Welcome to this generation's era of filmmaking


you got to be kidding me! to even just think about these 2 in a star wars are just upsetting all star wars fans. Might as well bring Jar Jar Binks back. For those of you who voted for these 2 actors to be all are just morons.


Please, guys, don't make this mistake. Lucas-- or his casting director, anyway-- almost always picked comparative unknowns for his lead roles, and let the veteran actors carry the parts that were smaller in size (though not necessarily importance). Result: the leads *earned* their audience's esteem. You're making the first of what looks to be another several SW films, with the opportunity to bring the magic back to a whole new generation. Using established stars in the leads seems almost presumptuous in that context. Remember what George did, and follow his lead. Please.

@ SaberRattler

What do you expect from a moronic website like the Hollywood Gossip?

Free britney
@ Adam O

We're not casting the movie. We're asking for opinions on this rumored casting, and our own, non-favorable opinions are expressed above.


Luke Skywalker's son is not named Luke Skywalker Jr. morons. Gosling's too old and Efron's career ended after High School Musical. Move along people, nothing to see here...

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