Spencer Clawson's Mom: Big Brother Star is NOT a Bigot! It's Just Strategy!

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Spencer Clawson's mom is defending the Big Brother 15 cast member, claiming he's not a bigot or a racist ... he's just talking like one as part of his game.

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Donna Clawson tells TMZ that her son was not showing his true colors when he praised Hitler and referred to a gay housemate as "Kermit the f**."

"Spencer really is a great guy," she said. "This is not a guy that’s a bigot or a racist."

"And he’s not that way at home. He's a great guy."

Why did Spencer Clawson say such horrible things on the show's live feeds then? Just trying to fit in with the racist, homophobic crowd and win the show, mom says.

Well, that's one way to look at it.

"If you're in a group, you go along with the group talk and that is what is happening with him," she says, insisting it's all strategy. "This is a reality show."

"The purpose of the show is scheming behind each other's backs. Spencer might not be perfect but he's my son. All those kids are somebody's child."

"He's a good guy."

His employer, Union-Pacific Railroad, may see it differently. Ditto Julie Chen, the longtime Big Brother host who said the recent controversy has "stung."

Clawson, Aaryn Gries and Gina Marie Zimmerman in particular have been singled out for racist and/or homophobic comments on the show's live feeds.

Sunday night, CBS actually aired some of them and addressed the controversy, while distancing the show and producers from the comments themselves.

You buying Spencer's mom's explanation?


Honestly as much as I dislike this years group of vile and nasty people NONE of them should lose their jobs over being on TV to play a game. Regardless of what they said while in that house!
As for Spencer and his child porn comments and the way he speaks about women GROSS.
They all said some horrible things inside that house and things no one should say anywhere however for an employer to fire them over it is bullshit! It is a game on a reality TV show.


His comments about women are beyond disgusting. I don't know why they're not earning the same sort of attention as are his racist and homophobic comments... but he is just all-around revolting. No "game" is worth being a despicable human being.


It is hard to believe that anyone would say the things that Spencer has said, just for game play. ..Spencer is old enough to know better, and why would anyone go alone with making racists remarks just to fit in. Sorry Spencer's Mom...your son looks like a racist stop making excuses for him.


this season is not even worth watching,did producers think this would bring up ratings WRONG very un-enjoyable.These peoples parents should be extremely ashamed.


Nope, not buying for a second. Pretty sure we've just seen irrefutable evidence as to where her li'l darlin' gets it though.


Can't wait til Aaryna and Gina-Marie find out that they've lost their jobs.. Aaryn's a college student, GM's not. Wonder what she'll do...


Tell Spencers Mom and Brother what you think of him and their lame excuses here: @clawson_donna


Strategy IMO does not involve using racial slurs behind HGs backs.
The select few that have done it this season are saying those words because that's what they believe....no one in their right mind would play a reality game(knowing they are filmed 24/7) and use racial or homophobic slurs to win money. While I understand that Spencers Mom is defending him....by not addressing his behavior....she is condoning it.
Big Brother is about lying but you can play this game without losing yourself in the house or resorting to this type of behavior that Aaryn, GinaMarie and Spencer have shown.


Strategy my ass!!!!! I'm sorry, but Spencer's mom is fooling NO ONE here!!!!! And I totally agree with Vanessa...Spencer's mom is sticking up for her idiot son. Dumb as hell.


Big bummer because I had Spenser pegged as my favorite until I heard about this. Heck no, that is not strategy especially as the greatest advantage would be to have the home viewers choose you as the weekly MVP. I wasted 10 votes on Spenser. Mom should/does love him no matter what. Likewise. he`s not too old for Mom to give him a piece of her mind when he gets home and set him straight. If he didn't learn it the first time around, it`s time he listened-up. I was glad that CBS aired Aaryn`s hate in PrimeTime, rather than sweep it under the rug. When she gets voted out, I hope Julie Chen says, "Oh by the way, let me be the first to inform you that you lost your modeling contracts out here in the real world." Maybe she can get a job as a nail tech, but I doubt it! Certainly no one would take psychological advice from her; so she might as well change her major. Boy did she make a fool out of herself! It`s hard watching the three of them interact with the other cast mates now. The worst would be if Aaryn, Spencer or GinaMarie won the big money. It seems it would be the ruination of the show. Although, nasty folk have won in the past!

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