Shayanna Jenkins, Aaron Hernandez Fiancee, Involved in Domestic Dispute Last Year

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NFL star turned murder suspect Aaron Hernandez was involved in a 2012 domestic incident with fiancee Shayanna Jenkins, a new report indicates.

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Aaron Hernandez, Fiancee

Hernandez and Jenkins got into an argument that sent police racing to his rental home outside of L.A. after a neighbor reported a domestic disturbance.

When police arrived, Jenkins said she was fine and didn't want to press charges against Hernandez, then an all-star tight end for the New England Patriots.

Police left without making an arrest, even though they had come there several other times after Hermosa Beach, Calif., neighbors made noise complaints.

Hernandez, sources say, "acted like an a$$hole" when cops responded.

According to TMZ, Hernandez still has the rental home in question.

Police have not obtained a warrant to search the apartment in connection with the murder of Odin Lloyd or the 2012 drive-by shooting he is being investigated for.

Hernandez is currently in solitary confinement for his own safety, having pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder charges and held without bail.

Investigators are attempting to establish a motive for his alleged execution-style slaying of Lloyd, and think the 2012 double murder may be the link.

Lloyd, police believe (at least as one of their operating theories), threatened to expose Hernandez's role and ruin his career and relationship with Shayanna.

Aaron and Shayanna welcomed their first child last winter.


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