Sandlot Reunion: Eggheads No More!

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The Sandlot remains one of the best summer/sports/coming of age/life lessons movies out there.

The characters and fun and relatable and there are very few people out there who won't know exactly what you're referring too when you say "you're killing me, Smalls."

So when Ham and Squints showed up at a Minnesota Twins baseball game together? People noticed the mini- The Sandlot reunion... and loved it!

Patrick Renna and Chauncey Leopardi on Jumbotron

Patrick Renna (Ham) and Chauncey Leopardi (Squints) were at Target Field for the showing of their film on the Jumbotron. Which, I think we can all agree, is a genius idea.

Click through to see more of Ham and Squints, plus the cast all together again at the sandlot!

The Sandlot at Twins Game

Seeing the guys at a baseball game is great in its own right, but the cast of The Sandlot back at the actual sandlot? Be still my heart.

Check out this The Sandlot reunion!

The Sandlot Cast At Sandlot
Cast of The Sandlot Photo

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One of my favorite coming of age films of all time. It's nice to see that the old gang keeps in touch! I wonder if they'll do a reunion movie?

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