Royal Baby Watch: Prince William Leaves For London?

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As the Royal Baby Watch continues today, Prince William has apparently left Wales for London, where his wife Kate Middleton is due to give birth.

Earlier this week, Prince William was putting in extra time as a search-and-rescue pilot at RAF Valley in Anglesey before he takes paternity leave.

Wills Photo

The standby helicopter ready to rush the 31-year-old heir to her side has now departed, however, fueling speculation that the big day may be upon us.

Local sources do not believe the newly-missing helicopter necessarily indicates that the soon-to-be mom is ready to give birth imminently, however.

"It could just be that William knows we are watching that helicopter and trying to work out if Kate is in labor because of it," says one local source to E!

There have been no other indicators William is at his Anglesey home, except for his presence at work; until today, there has been extra security.

Kate Middleton's location is currently unknown; the best guess is that William simply decided to be by her side early, with the arrival just days away.

The Duchess, also 31, is due July 11, 13 or 14, depending on what you read, and will deliver in the Lindo Wing at St. Mary's London Hospital.

On Monday, Kate managed to sneak by the throng of ever-growing celebrity gossip and national news media personnel for a secret hospital checkup.

Apparently it went fine, and we remain on Royal Baby Watch as Kate could go into labor any day ... but most likely has not done so at this time.

Once the royal baby arrives, the announcement will be made public with a notice placed on the gates of Buckingham Palace - and on Twitter.

What do you think it'll be?


Oh kate the bimbo is finally going to DO something.


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