Royal Baby Photos, Video: Kate Middleton, Prince William Debut Newborn Son!

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New parents Kate Middleton and Prince William debuted the Royal Baby just moments ago, posing outside the hospital door with the young one.

One day after his birth, the as-yet-unnamed Prince of Cambridge made his global debut outside the Lindo Wing at St. Mary's Hospital in London.

Palace reps confirmed that "the Duchess is to be discharged from the hospital."

The new family are expected to briefly go back inside the facility, put the newborn in his car seat, and then head home to Kensington Palace this evening.

Royals. They're just like us.

Royal Baby Photo
Royal Baby Picture

Kate Middleton and Prince William, both 31, smiled for hundreds of cameras and cheering well-wishers while offering the first glimpse of their little one.

"He's got a good pair of lungs on him that's for sure. He's a good boy, he's quite heavy," said William of his son, who Kate gave birth to on Monday.

The youngster weighed a healthy 8 lbs., 6 oz. "It's the first time we've seen him, really we haven't had a proper chance to catch up," William added.

Added the tired, but glowing new mother, "It's such a special time."

"I think any parent probably sort of knows what this feeling is like."

William added: "I'll remind him of his tardiness when he's a bit older!"

Well played, you guys. Then there was this zinger:

Added William: "He's got her looks, thankfully."

As for the name, he said they're "still working on" one. So don't hold your breath for that announcement today ... though they'll likely pick one soon!

Back in 1982, an infant William made his own world debut as parents Princess Diana and Prince Charles introduced him on the very same steps.

Diana wore polka dots, not unlike Kate today.

Kate and William acknowledged the hard work of the staff at St. Mary's in a statement earlier, and we eagerly await more details on their bundle of joy.

For now, click to enlarge more Royal Baby photos below!

Royal Baby Pic
Kate, William and Royal Baby
Kate Middleton, Baby Photo
Kate Middleton, Prince William, Baby
Kate Middleton, Baby
Royal Baby, Parents
Kate and William With Royal Baby
Royal Baby and Parents
Kate Middleton, Baby Picture
Royal Baby Introduction
New Parents
Royal Baby's Parents
Kate Middleton, Royal Baby and Prince William
Kate Middleton, Prince William and Baby
Kate, William and The Royal Baby
Kate Middleton and Royal Baby
Prince William, Royal Baby

Looks like every other newborn baby. Except this one will never have to get a job.

@ Big+daddy

the family works hard, charities, good will ambassadors, promote their country... Will and Harry both in military, Harry served in war zone, hmm, yea, that's easy.. go figure...

@ Big+daddy

LOL, William is an Air Force pilot, what do you do?


Beautiful, and so sweet of her to express that it is the same emotion for all parents, very humble and sweet of her. Long and happy life, little prince.

@ wtf

I thought the same thing!


Wonderful to see true royals act like a normal, loving couple -- compared to the silly, over-the-top drama/comedy over the Kardashian spawn!! Good luck to the future King of England.


Amen !


One cant help but think of Princess Diana at a time like this .The last time the world went on a rabid royal watch was 31 years ago in June of 1982 when we waited with baited breath for the birth of another prince, Prince William. Just as today, the wave of royal baby fever spread across the pond to the US, where the souvenir market was cashing in. For the millions who couldn't get enough of this 20th century fairy tale, they could have fun browsing through commemorative memorabilia such as a paper doll book cheekily called "Chuck & Di Have a Baby" For a peek at the book featuring cut- out dolls of Prince Charles and Princess Diana and the anxiously awaited royal baby boy who also is a blond tyke visit http://envisioningtheamericand...


I think Kim and what's his face could learn a lot from William and Kate. This is called class, they are called classless.

@ jacasa

why the need to bring in the" Kartrashions " at such a history making time/event.. I mean, must they even be brought up?
God Bless the new family.... the future Kings of England...
and God Bless America where we have the choice to look like idiots..or not

@ jacasa

Recall when 'Kimmode' sent Duchess Kate some of her 'designer' clothes and was soundly rejected?

@ jacasa

AMEN !!!!!

@ jacasa

You are so right. These people have class. They dont need money for photos of their kid.

@ jacasa

An exciting time for all of us! A healthy baby boy who may be a king someday. Congratulations!

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