Royal Baby Name: What Will it Be?!

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Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed the Royal Baby Monday.

Maybe you heard that. It's a healthy baby boy, weighing 8 lbs., 6 oz.

As for the little heir's name, that has not been released at this time.


It's unclear when it will be, or if they've even chosen one, but bookmakers say George has the best odds (yes, people have placed bets on this for months).

Other fan favorite choices so far include James, Phillip and Edward.

While it's still anyone's guess what the Royal Baby name is, you can assume it will be traditional. No Apple, Cricket or North West for these two. Call it a hunch.

Until we know for sure, it's up to you to vote, THGers! Tell us below:

What should Prince William and Kate Middleton name their son?


it might be a baby

@ kearha white

no kidding....really? it is a baby? you are lying. where did you get this information??? smh


I heard mentioned the name Eusius or something very close to that. This is my vote during times of change.


It would be so nice to name him Spencer. But I do not think the "Royals" would allow it because "Prince Spencer" or "King Spencer" might not have the pomp and circumstance as James, Edward, William, Charles, etc... It would sure be a sweet way to honor Lady Diana. <3


.............abe the second.




Spencer William Charles


Spencer Michael


Spencer should definitely be used and John I think is a strong, kingly name John William Spencer


I think Spencer would be nice, seeing as that would be Diana's family covered


Michael after Kate's father
Francis, which is both her father and her grandfather's middle name.
Spencer for Diana's family.
Any combination of the above names would be wonderful.

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