Royal Baby Name: What Will it Be?!

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Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed the Royal Baby Monday.

Maybe you heard that. It's a healthy baby boy, weighing 8 lbs., 6 oz.

As for the little heir's name, that has not been released at this time.


It's unclear when it will be, or if they've even chosen one, but bookmakers say George has the best odds (yes, people have placed bets on this for months).

Other fan favorite choices so far include James, Phillip and Edward.

While it's still anyone's guess what the Royal Baby name is, you can assume it will be traditional. No Apple, Cricket or North West for these two. Call it a hunch.

Until we know for sure, it's up to you to vote, THGers! Tell us below:

What should Prince William and Kate Middleton name their son?

Dr no

Clayton Wilberforce Terwilliger. Bet money on it.


Beyonce! The bitch has the hardest working publicity people in show business, Another Knowles related name is Lipsync.


Kate and William love old Cowboy movies. They will name him John Wayne. Nickname: Pilgrim.


Who the fuck cares? Its not like they're American royalty or anything....why the fuck do any of you people care what another kid who you don't know way the hell across the pond's name is gonna be? It don't fucking matter! I'm sure it'll be something nice and appropriate, maybe reminiscent of his mother Diana, wherever the case, Why the hell does anybody care? It's not like she gave birth to the second coming of Jesus!" Chill out everyone....not a big deal.


I wish everyone would leave these poor people alone. I can't imagine being in labor and having thousands of people waiting outside of the hospital and millions waiting on the tv and grand mummy wanting me to hurry up so she can go on vacation. Now that that's done, the big deal of naming the baby...Of course Lizzie will have to have input on that too.

@ critic

Hypothesis: You care and you're an idiot. Therefore, all idiots care and all that care are idiots. You should send your e-mail to your mother. I bet she cares.


Spencer, for William's mother Diana. It was her maiden name.


How's about James Phillip.


I would name him Spencer for Diana's side of the family.

@ Candy

I hear the name Spencer and the only thing I think of is that douchey guy from The Hills who is married to Heidi Montag....Spencer Pratt.


I think Edward is the perfect name for the royal baby


it might be a boy

@ kearha+white

but maybe it's a girl and all of the media reports are wrong. you think? first you said it might be a baby and now you say it might be a boy. go troll somewhere else idiot. smfh

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