Robyn Lawley Bikini Photos: Plus-Size Hotness!

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Plus-size swimwear is booming of late, and with surveys calling attention to a lacking market, more stores are stepping up to the plate, research indicates.

With the help of plus-size bloggers and shoppers - and gorgeous models like Aussie beauty Robyn Lawley - that void is being filled like never before.

Robyn Lawley Picture

Lawley designed her own swimwear collection line to cover a broad range of female sizes, and it's now up for presale on Madison Plus Select's website.

Featuring both one- and two-piece styles, the line currently covers sizes 8 through 18, but Robyn (a size 12) plans to expand that range in the future.

Promising to "distract from lumps and bumps," the swimwear line features splashy prints and elaborate details, as well as helping anyone feel comfortable.

Check out more Robyn Lawley photos after the jump ...

  • Robyn Lawley Bikini Picture
  • Robyn Lawley Bikini Pic
Robyn Lawley Swimsuit Pics

Hopefully, this is a sign that you don't have to be impossibly skinny, petite or a size 0 to pose for swimsuit and bikini photos in which you look fantastic.

No doubt, the new "real" Barbie would agree!

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they don't look plus sized to me. but i guess the fashion industry is all about lying to people. Ugly swimsuits though.


That is one fat model. She is close to normal size but models are supposed to look better then the rest of us. Sorry if that offends people but there is a reason they are models. If women are so self-conscience that they have to wear special swimsuits then they shouldnt be at the beach


When did size 12 become plus size? That makes me sick. No wonder girls worry so much about being skinny.


Those girls don't look plus size they look a regular healthy weight. That's a damn shame that's being labeled plus size in the first place.

@ Annon

I agree with you these girls aren't even close to being plus size. What a creep to call them plus size.