Robert Pattinson "Desperately Missing" Kristen Stewart, Yearning to Text Her!

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Forget those Riley Keough rumors, THGers.

A new report from Hollywood Life makes it clear: Robert Pattinson is thinking about Kristen Stewart and no one else these days.

Robert Pattinson Shopping
Kristen Stewart at a Fashion Show

The actor is "desperately missing" his ex, an insider alleges, adding that Rob and Kristen shared a 42-minute long "tearful" phone conversation on June 27 - but it isn't enough for Pattinson.

“He seems obsessed with her,” the source says. “He thinks about Kristen all the time. Sometimes he starts to send a text, then changes his mind. It seems Rob can’t let Kristen go.”

And it also seems that Kristen isn't being allowed to let Rob go.

She did not respond positively to a prank being pulled on her and her car a few days ago, when someone left a message on the latter that read "I Heart Rob."

Yes, Pattinson and Keough hung out after Stewart left for Paris Fashion Week, but they have "been friends for a couple years" and nothing more, this know-it-all says.

In conclusion? Robert dumped Kristen because he could not get over her cheating. However, he feels "guilty" about it and we're calling it now:

Like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, these two are totally getting back together.


I really hope that Robert pattinson and kristen stewart would never break up again
Where's Bella and Edward theyre supposose to be togethere for a really long Time!?!?!? They're really perfect couple! but if you let someone go.... You sometimes can't take it back!!! If you really love her and she love you.. Then give her another chance to fix it. Don't worry about the past or the future worry about the present like right now. ~ Jamilah Pelarios


they're going to keep having a yo yo relationship until one either learns to move on or they go seek a counselor to work past their issues of her infidelity. Even then with nothing tying them together other than their desire to be together she should count herself lucky he wants to try.


I love Patstew, they're such an adorable couple, can't wait for them to put their differences aside and work things out.


Thats bull, he is not yearning for her, he is a fine looking man and is doing just fine without her.


I hope they can both move past their differences and reunite. It appears that they have troubles but can't stay apart. If they are left alone and everyone stops these rumors and pranks, maybe they can move forward --happily and together. It seems they have something special. Wishing them well . . .


They make a lovely couple and if they can get past the whole Rupert thing I think they would be one of Hollywood's "forever" couples . I hope they can resolve their differences.


I agree with Gloria - they are both good people and don't deserve to be harrassed and have childish stunts played on them. I hope they both find happiness, with or without each other.


I wish people would get their stories straight. First Rob left her because of her wanting to get married. Now is because he could not get over her cheating. First he does not want to see her now he wants, too. These are just stories. If Rob wants to get back with Kristen my advice is for her to run. Kristen has been punished enough. Rob has taken everything from her and now he dumps her. She will do fine without him.




Hey do me a favor and leave Kristen and Robert alone.
It's people like you the damn rag mag and the stupid sites like this and the also the damn cameras always photograph these two 24/7 all the time can't leave them alone.
Just leave them alone and mind your own business.
I mean let them get on with their lives, they just might get back together you never know it has happen before I do hope they do they do make a beautiful couple their wonderful people.
Love these two I'm a fan of both and I wish them the best of luck

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