Robert Pattinson "Desperately Missing" Kristen Stewart, Yearning to Text Her!

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Forget those Riley Keough rumors, THGers.

A new report from Hollywood Life makes it clear: Robert Pattinson is thinking about Kristen Stewart and no one else these days.

Robert Pattinson Shopping
Kristen Stewart at a Fashion Show

The actor is "desperately missing" his ex, an insider alleges, adding that Rob and Kristen shared a 42-minute long "tearful" phone conversation on June 27 - but it isn't enough for Pattinson.

“He seems obsessed with her,” the source says. “He thinks about Kristen all the time. Sometimes he starts to send a text, then changes his mind. It seems Rob can’t let Kristen go.”

And it also seems that Kristen isn't being allowed to let Rob go.

She did not respond positively to a prank being pulled on her and her car a few days ago, when someone left a message on the latter that read "I Heart Rob."

Yes, Pattinson and Keough hung out after Stewart left for Paris Fashion Week, but they have "been friends for a couple years" and nothing more, this know-it-all says.

In conclusion? Robert dumped Kristen because he could not get over her cheating. However, he feels "guilty" about it and we're calling it now:

Like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, these two are totally getting back together.


They are both lovely people. I hope they make up their mind
What they want to do. They are young. They have time.
Good luck to you both. They are not like Chris and Ri~Ri where they are fighting. Or like Justin and selena where has Justin has an identity crisis. Robert is nothing like them boys. I hope they find there way.


Either he still Loves and wants to be with her or not. Make up your mind already.

@ Who Cares...

Don't believe a word of it. He isn't missing her he is just a huge fan base because of all the crap he has pulled. Dating Kristen's friends? That's low. I have lost alot of respect for Rob he is not the "sweet" guy we all thought he was. He did Kristen wrong for a long time. I hope he is missing her and calls her and she hangs up on him and tells him to go himself and to leave her friends alone. I am KP used him like she did. She hurt Kristen but KP got who she wanted in the end. As for the Riley thing.Who knows? Her people keep saying no she is not dating Rob. Who cares besides Kristen. Just read Kristen has been with Taylor again. He is helping her get through this mess. Good for Taylor. Rob may be a little jealous and thinks maybe he needs to give Kristen he will saunter back into life. He will only hurt her again. Taylor show Kristen love she needs it!!


Rob shud tots get bak wit her cause if dey still love eachother dey shud nd if der ova eachota den dey shouldnt. Xxxxx


awwwww rob is so like his character Edward he is obsessed with Kristen/bella.


They should get back together for some time. Then, he can say and express how he feels. He would be able to move forward as a result. Rihanna and Chris Brown got back together and ended up breaking up for good. So, the same thing may apply to R-Pat and K-Stew as well.


He feels guilty?Wow!Once a cheater always a cheater and sorry that he feels he is worth this.




Sometimes when someone breaks off from the other just leave it like that cuz there's a reason for everything.but not to go back and forth cuz that's what will happen.


OMG I wish the media will stfu about them. It was a teen romance/young love. It is done. He broke up with her and it is over. Leave them alone ffs. Idiots!!


I hope these two will patch things up and to know that learning from the past is only a yard away to better themselves and to know that love conquers all !

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