Rihanna-Chris Brown Breakup: All About Trust!

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Rihanna is back home after two months of touring Europe, but it’s not likely you'll see her reunite with Chris Brown upon her return to the United States.

In fact, insiders say she's learned her lesson - for good - about their toxic romance.

Rihanna and Chris Brown Instagram

Rihanna and Chris Brown have given their romance many chances, only to yield several failed attempts, including a very public one this year.

While she forgave his brutal assault on her, the 25-year-old found that a lack of trust in her relationship with Chris Brown was the nail in the coffin.

Says a source close to the music superstar:

“[Rihanna] learned that without trust, you ain’t got sh!t. You have to trust the guy you’re with and vice-versa. When trust is gone, everything is bad."

"And that’s something that’s hard as f%*k to repair."

Indeed. And "It can be done, but both people have to be mature and willing to work on it. It’s not possible if only one person puts in the work."

"When [Rihanna] had some downtime on her tour, she would read relationship books and search online about love and how to rebuild trust."

"And guess what? She isn’t crazy. Rihanna did what she had to do.”

While Chris' recently-released "Can't Say No" lyrics would suggest that he's still pining for her, Rihanna appears to be less interested in a reconciliation.

Many felt that she dissed him on Instagram, writing “I hate when ex’s say 'I’m here if you need me.’ Where the f**k were you when we were together?”

She doesn’t name Chris ... but who else would she mean?


Love them


Riri shud come out n tell the world wat the f%*k is wrong wit her..i knw she loves chris


She finally woke up...


two very talented people - but no one gives a crap about their personal lives


Truth is Chris n Rihanna need 2 get back 2gether again.


Wasn't he also with that Tran girl throughout the big reconciliation? Rihanna doesn't have to play se ond fiddle to anyone. Smart to just move on.

Gabo toura

She sees him for at least a year as the other woman - now trust counts?? Hollywood life as per usual are making up stories & sources!!!


In my opinion i think rihanna and chris Brown are big people and if they love each other they have to work out if there any .borblem and they should trust each other that is how can they can be really people and perfect i love Chris. Brown he is great guy and handsome. good looking. only i have to say to rihanna if you really love him fight for him


these people are a shame to the black society, folks!!

@ abe

Yes I will fight. They both needs help .She is the one that walk so she need to see if he wants to get help frist everyone can see she's hurt and him behind the smile he got hurt too. I will try to work it out (TOGETHER)

@ abe

What the hell is wrong with you people that support this sociopath Chris Brown. He beat her up badly and Ri is finally growing up and realizing this guy is shit. You should support her leaving. I do!

@ abe

Shut the hell up !!!!

@ robin

Not @ abe but @mohamed

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