Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas Slam Big Brother Houseguests For Hateful Comments

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Rachel Reilly, the winner of Big Brother 13, is taking the current cast to task for the racist and homophobic comments captured on the show's live feeds.


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    free speech is dead; hate speech lives on.


    free speech is dead


    Calling someone vile and disgusting is as bad as spewing out the racial slurs. I still am disgusted with BB for not evicting them and allowing them to possibly win the money..

    @ Marlyce+J.+Crist

    that is CBS for you , they are trying to let them win , to make up for them losing their jobs this is not reality tv it is set up tv they got it rig so they will win . AND CBS say we dont condone them and Julie must be condoning they still there


    I really can't believe you have allowed the people that made the racist comments to continue too play. I think this is the most disgusting bunch of people to ever play the game. And, stupid. Common people get Amanda and Macrae out of there, along with Helen, and Aaryn. These people are evil. No amount of money would make me play like the bunch is this year.


    Rachel, Love ya girl and ya sissy too .....Texas Rocks and please don't let these two Racist affect Texas cause 99 % are friendly and would never hurt people like these people there a disgrace To Texas :(


    I am completely shocked and saddened by the bigotry and comments from some of the players of big Brother 15 this has been the worst cast ever

    @ Tawnya

    bigotry or thought crime?

    You have every right to be angry about past discrimination policies that were real but this isn't it. These people are not oppressing any one, it's quite the opposite.

    Racial segregation will always be just a natural fact of life. People are allowed to be biased and the more we overuse "racism" the more desensitized and unsympathetic whites will become when real racism occurs.

    The way i see it, the question is not when will "racism" end but when will white guilt turn into white anger because it's coming and we are all responsible for it.


    Not a fan of Rachels but do agree with her on the disgust of CBS for not doing anything about the racism. They won't kick them out because there is too many people tuning in to see this. Just like when Rachel and Jordan had one foot out the door and CBS rigged it for them to stay.....RATINGS


    Although I cannot stand Rachel and Brendon because of their arrogance and the way they treated the other contestants on BB13, they are right about some houseguests on the current season of "Big Brother".


    love ya rachel! And totally wooting for Elissa to win :)


    I agree with Rachel and Brendan -- I wish BB would bring them back to host a competition so the jerks in the house could sweat it out, knowing the crappy things certain houseguest have done to Elissa.

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