Police Release Second Dog Killing Video: Does It Exonerate Officer?

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Once again, consider yourselves warned: the following video contains disturbing footage.

The Hawthorne Police Department has released a second look at the grisly/viral incident from June 30, in which a man who was taunting the police is placed in handcuffs, only to watch helplessly as an officer shoots his dog.

Shot from a different angle, this video shows the owner, Leon Rosby, screaming at the cops on the street, while also depicting an officer reaching his hand toward the Rottweiler before firing four shots.

"This video will help us tremendously regarding [Rosby's] actions prior to his arrest," said public information officer Lt. Scott Swain, who sent the video to The Huffington Post. "You can see the officer gives out his hand to let the dog sniff it and tries to grab the leash."

Not everyone agrees with that assessment, of course.

Why couldn't the officers temporarily release Rosby, considering he was already cuffed and his actions did not make him a dangerous criminal? Why did they need to fire four bullets at the dog?

"We're not trained to shoot one shot or to shoot in the leg. You're always trained to shoot multiple shots," Swain said. "Firing a gun is a last resort. We're trained to eliminate the threat, and that's a judgment call on the officers."

According to a police statement, Rosby was arrested for "interference with officers," a charge based on the music coming from his car, along with his walking for an 80-pound canine in proximity of a crime scene.

He "created an increasingly dangerous situation and demanded officers' focus away from the matter at hand," the report reads.

Rosby is due in court on August 12 for arraignment. If convicted of interference, he could up to a year in county jail.

Swain, meanwhile, acknowledged that police officers may need to consider some kind of dog training in the future.

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I think that the police killing the dog is horrible. HOWEVER, that is not the biggest problem in this case. The man did not violate ANY law for videotaping the police and yet he was arrested. Why is he arrested when he is not violating the law?! If the police had not abuse it's power the dog would still be alive


All that comes out of this to those of the public, is senior offices are still looking for excuses to let the officer in question off the hook, with no reprecution over the shooting of the dog Max, the public have demanded action, but police continu to find excuses to dismiss any blame on their part, including justifying the use of lethal firce used by Jeffrey Solman as the only option, and first option.