Police Ordered to Return $1M in One-Dollar Bills to Stripper

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A stripper has won a lawsuit against Nebraska police who confiscated over $1 million cash - all in singles - that belonged to her during a routine traffic stop.

Tara Mishra, 33, stripped for 15 years and managed to save $1,074,000, and she gave the cash to friends to open their own New Jersey nightclub.

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Seems innocent (albeit unusual) enough. But when the woman's friends were pulled over in Nebraska, police suspected the money in the trunk was tied to drugs.

It was a reasonable assumption, we suppose, but a judge ruled that the money they confiscated must be returned, since there was no drug activity.

A canine search revealed only trace amounts of illegal drugs on the money, meaning it could have come from any number of sources or individuals.

“The government failed to show a substantial connection between drugs and the money,” U.S. District Judge Joseph Bataillon wrote. “The dog sniff is inconsequential."

By all accounts, "Ms. Mishra did have control over the money and directed the Dheris to deliver the money to New Jersey for the purchase of the business.”

"The court finds the Mishras’ story is credible."

What's incredible is the fact that she could save $1,000,000-plus in 15 years, considering her living expenses aren't even factored into that sum.

Also incredible? Not trading it in for $20s or $100s ... then again, making it rain is typically a practice reserved for George Washington's denomination.

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