Pink Reacts to Kanye West Diss: It's All Good!

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Pink has no hard feelings. She isn't angry over being dissed by Kanye West a few years ago in a clip that just surfaced for the first time this week.

Yeezus slammed both Pink and Taylor Swift following the 2009 MTV VMAs (when he famously yanked the mic from Taylor), but Pink is not bitter.

In fact, she said that she's probably guilty of the same exact thing!

When news of the alleged rant reached Pink, she was cool with it.

She tweeted, “Oh come on y’all. If people secretly recorded me and all the $h!t I talk ... It’s all good. All love. And we all still here. Peace please.”

Pink, ladies and gentlemen. She rules.

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Kanye West Video Still

While the singer may not be angry in the least, this is the latest in a string of incidents in which the rapper's rage issues have been well documented.

Secretly recorded or not, this is one angry individual it seems.

“What the f**k was Pink performing?” West is allegedly heard saying in the leaked audio, the same night he legendarily cut off a young Taylor.

“Don’t nobody know that song. Pink performed twice! Two songs? How the f**k Pink perform two songs and I didn’t even get asked to perform ‘Heartless.’”

We're curious to see how Kris Jenner defends him on this one.


Who gives a fOck what that jive arse, pitch black negro has to say???
Send that negro to the back of the bus!

@ Shamika

Your ignorant


LOL..Kanye had to impregnate a Kardashian whore to remain relevant!!!!! Hahahahahahahahah

@ Liz Gardner

ha ha yeah I totally agree... send him to the back of the bus! ha ha


perform ‘Heartless.? YOU MEAN CLASSLESS.....


Pink got asked because SHE is awesome. As far as people knowing her song, some of us know it word for word, thank you very much. It's Kanye's crappy stuff I wouldn't even know if I heard it. I'd probably change it if I ever did too. Pompous egotistical waste of space, and *yay*... he bred...


And.... Pink is awesome. Shows how little she thinks about him.. Doesn't even phase her... Wah feckin wah.. Jayne didn't get asked and pink got two songs.. Big baby..


Kanye is a sad sad boy.. A man wouldn't act like that. He thinks he is God! People who think that are mentally ill and usually end up homicidal maniacs.. He needs to disappear.


Kanye Really Needs To Not Do This


Kanye is an equal opportunity hater. He disses Everyone regardless of Race or gender. Those race comments are typical in an post Trayvon world, so prove them. Gather up the amount of people he dissed then categorize them by race. See


Rage comes from jealousy and inner turmoil. Kanye is a ticking time bomb.


Seems like he doesn't respect white girls...or himself for that matter. What a panty stain!

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