Pink Reacts to Kanye West Diss: It's All Good!

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Pink has no hard feelings. She isn't angry over being dissed by Kanye West a few years ago in a clip that just surfaced for the first time this week.

Yeezus slammed both Pink and Taylor Swift following the 2009 MTV VMAs (when he famously yanked the mic from Taylor), but Pink is not bitter.

In fact, she said that she's probably guilty of the same exact thing!

When news of the alleged rant reached Pink, she was cool with it.

She tweeted, “Oh come on y’all. If people secretly recorded me and all the $h!t I talk ... It’s all good. All love. And we all still here. Peace please.”

Pink, ladies and gentlemen. She rules.

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Kanye West Video Still

While the singer may not be angry in the least, this is the latest in a string of incidents in which the rapper's rage issues have been well documented.

Secretly recorded or not, this is one angry individual it seems.

“What the f**k was Pink performing?” West is allegedly heard saying in the leaked audio, the same night he legendarily cut off a young Taylor.

“Don’t nobody know that song. Pink performed twice! Two songs? How the f**k Pink perform two songs and I didn’t even get asked to perform ‘Heartless.’”

We're curious to see how Kris Jenner defends him on this one.


LOVE HER! No Drama!


I recall that, at the time, she called him a "toolbox" for interrupting Taylor Swift.


Kanye is an absolute hater! His ass got a lot more stupider ever since he hit his squirrel looking ass face into the stop sign. This fool got issues and is a total lost cause. His album Yeezus didn't even do that well ! This M'efer is just mad cause Pink sung 2 songs and she sells a lot more albums than his sorry ass! Conclusion: Kim got the shit at the end of the stick. These two trashy assh*** prinks deserve one another. And I can't wait till Kim starts crying cause she ended up becoming a single mother!

@ Su z q

peace...she said...peace......GOSH

@ lablahh

Exactly.. I say the same. he is a loser. Betcha the family hates him but just have to smile in front of cameras


Pink will always come above Kanye ,she is ten times the star then him.Above all something she has that Kanye West will never ever have is "CLASS''!


~BECAUSE PINK IS AN AMAZING TALENT ... and you, Kanye are NOT. AND apparently you are also a cranky, bitter, immature *man-boy*... Sigh ...


Kardashian whore


Well, Mr. West was just jealous that he's not invited to perform his 'Heartless' song i guess. Duh! Pink is way way much better than this guy. She's a better performer, singer-songwriter, dancer, a mother, a wife and of course just being Pink. Get a life Kanye!


Pink has better things to do and to think than she does with Kanye.


Pink is talent, Kanye is mentally ill. He rants either to be relevant or just because he's an idiot. He isn't known for his music, but more for what he did to a young girl 4 years ago. We moved on, he obviously hasn't.

Bibrax redux

Kanye who? Oh, that has-been negrophiliac? PUH-LEEZE! Hopefully he will make good on his promise to move Kimturd and Lil-turdlette to France! Then they can all live in happy, ex-pat, DL harmony with Ye's designer boyfriend...Yeehaw! We'll FINALLY be shut of these FameTwunts--ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

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