Paris Jackson Leaves Hospital, Enters Residential Treatment Center

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Paris Jackson is out of the hospital and into a residential treatment center.

After a month at UCLA Medical Center following her suicide attempt, Jackson left the hospital last Tuesday and headed to an undisclosed facility.

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The rehab facility was selected by the 15-year-old's grandmother Katherine Jackson, her biological mother Debbie Rowe and Paris's UCLA doctors.

As for why such continued, seemingly intensive, treatment is still needed?

"The feeling is that Paris is still a danger to herself," explained a source. "Both Katherine and Debbie want her to get the help that she needs."

THG, too, wishes nothing but the best for this youngster with a bright future.


Hope you get better soon Paris, I'm peaying for you!! :- )

@ Zack Smith

I mean praying for you.


paris need to bond with her mother..get better fast philly love u..


Hope she gets well.. Such a pretty young girl she has to much to be concerned about at her age, don't worry about things you can't control, prove to them you are better than them..


Blanket should be there with her.


I still don't think she needs any treatment, there is nothing wrong with her, she is basically a sound person. It must be awful for her to be sent away from her home and to a depressing facility, when she feels OK. This "treatment" has gone too far and for too long. I suppose its real goal is to spare her the trial, but I'm afraid she won't come out of this unscathed. Several months away from her siblings and familiar surrounding is a very long time to a 15 year old. Family members (and I don't mean Jermaine) should move with her to Utah, or wherever it is, and stay put in the vicinity, and her siblings should make frequent visits. When did she last sleep in her own bed?

@ astor

Astor SI (suicidal ideation) is a very serious matter. Yes she needs to be in a facility, it's a serious matter beyond family control.


Her brothers will need counselling too


This is sad but her own family is way too dysfunctional & they are struggling with their own problems to help Paris learn how to cope with her destiny as a 'celebrity.' When you have a family that, after decades in the spotlight, still unable to learn that their private business should be private then how can anyone expect these people to teach Paris how to avoid being attracted to the media/publicity? And why would Paris listen to these people tell her to avoid publicity when they can't? They ALL need counseling but they're old enough to make their mistakes & ruin their own lives if they want to. It's still possible to save Paris but time is running out for her as she only has a few short years left of childhood. No, she needs time AWAY from their influence if she's to be saved a lifetime of pain & dysfunction as her father had.


this is the modern way of "Psychology".


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