In a "less is more" tutorial, Gravity has released its IMAX poster. Very simple but at the same time conveys effectively the plot of the film. 

Check out the Gravity IMAX poster below!

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It's a bird... it's a plane... it's Bo, a dog who set the world record this week for the vertical jump while taking part in the DockDogs World Championship Wild Card Event at Stone Mountain Park!

Bo soared an incredible 8'5" in the air, landing in a pool and receiving thunderous applause for his effort. Watch it now:

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Usain Bolt is headed to Moscow soon for the Athletics World Championships. Most people make sure they learn the essential phrases in a foreign language before leaving home.

Things like, "where is the bathroom" and "how much for this crappy souvenir that was likely made in China just like the stuff at home?" Important things.

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Rihanna is back home after two months of touring Europe, but it’s not likely you'll see her reunite with Chris Brown upon her return to the United States.

In fact, insiders say she's learned her lesson - for good - about their toxic romance.

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