Move over, Dexter Morgan. There's a new dark protagonist in town.

Or on Showtime, as the case may be, with Ray Donovan premiering last night following the opening episode of Dexter Season 8.

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Go ahead, Come & Get It, photographers around the world. Justin Bieber apparently doesn't mind.

Following the leaking of a "rider" that outlined a number of stipulations the singer put in place at a recent photo shoot - the most noteworthy being his requirement that NO Selena Gomez music is played on set - a rep for the artist has come out with a simple statement:

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Lindsay Lohan is reportedly all kinds of scared that she'll suffer a relapse, and is going to great lengths to avoid it after she gets out of rehab in August.

We know ... that requires a lot of self-awareness. We're as shocked as you.

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It's Monday morning, which means it's time to take a look at what the box office was up to over the weekend.

In no real big surprise, Pixar's Monsters University retained its top spot for a second weekend in a row despite the Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy buddy cop comedy The Heat hot on its trail. 

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Hmmm... it's safe to say Sookie and Bill aren't getting back together any time soon, isn't it?

Not after the epic showdown they had on this week's episode of True Blood Season 6, which featured Bill working to prevent the fiery future he envisioned last week from taking place.

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After a few months on the shelf following hip surgery, Lady Gaga returned to the spotlight this week to sing the National Anthem at NYC's Gay Pride Parade.

The LGBT community is, of course, near and dear to Gaga's heart, and she let them know it Saturday with this rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" ...

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