Normal Barbie: Photos Imagine Iconic Doll With "Real" Measurements

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Meet “normal” Barbie!

Using a 3-D computer model, an artist created photos of the classic Mattel doll using the proportions of the average 19-year-old American woman.

Here's what a "real" Barbie would look like:

  • Normal Barbie Photos
  • Normal Barbie Pics

Artist Nickolay Lamm of MyDeals (dot) com created the rendering of Barbie as your average girl, not the tall, impossibly skinny version sold for decades.

Demi Lovato praised the "new" Barbie on Twitter, and based on the reaction these drawings have received on the web, she likely won't be the last to.

“I created normal Barbie because I wanted to show that average is beautiful,’’ Lamm told Today.

“If the average-looking Barbie looks this good and if there's even a chance of Barbie negatively influencing young girls, why not make one?”

Lamm noted that there are “different interpretations” of what is considered “average," but he used official CDC figures to make it “pretty close.’’

He cites research suggesting Barbie may lead to heightened body dissatisfaction among girls, unhealthy eating behaviors such as desire to eat less.

Not likely the case with "Normal" Barbie, however. Girl's got BACK!

What do you think? Do you like the more "normal" looking Barbie?


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One of the Best compliments I ever got wuz that I had waist "like a Barbie Doll" I wuz Petite Model throughout my Teens & 20s weighed 93 lbs. @ 5' 2" & later maintained 105. The low point in my life wuz when I gained 30 lbs after my Father's death & wuz compared 2 MM & Kim K UGH! Thankfully I've lost all but 5. Ask Dr Oz, Type ll Diabetes isn't sexy! Let Barbie stay Beautiful! This isn't a sexist opinion, I'm a 41 yr. Old WOMAN!!

@ Ronnie Corral

my best friend's mom makes $61 every hour on the internet. She has been fired for eight months but last month her check was $19967 just working on the internet for a few hours. Read more on this site...


The reason the narrow Barbie was created as such is so little girl's hands would be able to grasp the doll and hang on to it. Yet again you have twisted something nice into something wrong. What's wrong with you people.

@ Marduk



Good luck making clothes to fit.

@ sioux



I'd like to see what you assholes look like,lol. Probably fat ugly pieces of shit ;) Putting down a Barbie that is not representing weight as much as it's showing normal measurements. Barbies neck legs ect... you guys need to go back youtube...where somebody might give a fuck.

@ cwaters13

gee, you dont have to be so nasty about it.


It looks like a fat midget with a huge ass! Thats awful!


i think its cute, shes not fat, shes adorrrrrrrable mm <3 and even still, if she was chubbier then thats just more to love! you can be big without being obese! and in some countries people actually are more beautiful when theyre plush! the reason we find the thin barbie prettier is because people tell us that being skinny is the only way to be pretty. You can be big and pretty too!


I hate this barbie!!! I loved the other one. When I was a kid I didn't care that she was perfect thats why I wanted her cause she was perfect. I dont see anyone buying a fat doll. Oh well americas fat anyway why not add barbie to the list.


this is soooo old news,( or so old "not news") why must it re surface every few years? Been going on since she was first marketed! Come on... REAL NEWS PLEASE!!!!!!
IT's a DOLL! What about the Monster High Dolls? Why is no one picking on them? They are a bad image.... What about Bratz? and sooo many other's PEOPLE MOVE ON!!!!!! peace :)

@ goosedown

Haha. "Real news?" Do u know what website ur on? That barbie is a fat midget with a huge ass


Someone recently posted a picture of none other then Marylin Monroe, in a two piece. Now back then she was considered the most beautiful woman, and she sure was not a size 00 or 2, but more towards a 10.
Larger natural breasts, and she had hips. Not like these actors that eat less then a 1yr old child and have trainers for 2 hours a day to keep very very slim. The minute one of these women have a baby and it's oh my god it's been 3 months and she still is not back to her original size......this is garbage, and these advertisements for diet pills are killing so many young girls, because they feel they have to be so skinny that you see all their ribs. We are all different sizes. I have seen it with so many young teenage girls, they go have a hamburger then they put their finger down their throat so they can throw it up...Not to mention men and be honest guys, you don't have those rippling stomach muscles that make us women want to jump into bed with.....grow up....

@ Marina

Seriously?! Its not barbies fault that people become anorexic. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be skinny. Sorry if you dont have a sexy body

@ Sarah

Completely agree!!! Y r barbie, models, celebs, etc being blamed?! They amazing people! Get over it if u dont have a nice body!!!!!