New Justin Bieber Tattoo: The Eye Has It

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Justin Bieber may be getting himself into one scandal after another these days (spitting again... really?!?), but the singer is really just a mother's boy at heart.

And he has proven as much via his latest tattoo, which Justin just Instagrammed and which features an observatory body part of his mom.

"@bangbangnyc did this art ., Moms always watching," the Biebs wrote as a caption to the photo, which depicts Pattie Mallette's eyeball and eyelashes.

Also included around this ink? The word "believe," a knight in body armor standing in front of a castle and the open mouth of a tiger.

What do you think of Bieber's latest tattoo?

Justin Bieber Eye Tattoo

He's a good example of what hanging around the wrong people can do to you. Sad.


His tatts look pathetic, he just gets random crap. She should only have one that reads "I am an idiot".


I love his tattoos...people should stop hating him and telling him to grow up..cuz that is what he is doing..he is growing up in style... <3 justin


please remeber, when you're 80 years old it's still there.


That's what he wants us all to believe... Hey look Selena he has an eye on you! better yet he tattooed your eye on him ... "Oh, cant you see
You belong to me" She can see now... RUN!!!!!


A 'Momma's boy' at heart??? Then Momma needs to kick her boys ass and straighten him out!!


wish the tattoo said "Grow Up"

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