Miley Cyrus Photographed with Liam Hemsworth, Without Pants

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Ready to eat some crow, Miley-Liam doubters?

With reports of a Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth split making their way around the web, the duo was spotted over the weekend with a fan in Alberta, Canada.

The singer may not have been wearing pants for the photo op, but this much is clear: Miley and Liam are very much together. At least for the time being.

It's been a good week overall for Miley Cyrus.

She's happily visiting her fiance while he films a movie... Nicki Minaj thinks she's cute... and Jay-Z has referred to her as a GOD. So that sums it up.

Here's the happy couple together:

Miley and Liam in Canada

UPDATE: Of course ... now we all know what happened in the coming months. Massive amounts of Twerking, "We Can't Stop" and "Wrecking Ball" insanity.

See video above. Enough said.

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Hannah montana/ miley Cyrus are you that strange or forgetful


You must enjoy all this "stuff" about everyone. Otherwise, why look at it or write about it. IT IS YOUR CHOICE, may a decision and not look at it if it upsets you so much.


Even if she was wearing pants, they were OBVIOUSLY too short, considering we cant see them!!


Ummm oooookaaaayyy she could easily have shorts on and even if she didn't sooooo??? She aint no damn God though -_- I still love her. Shes cool.


Is their any kind of software that can prevent this clown from appearing on my computer. So sick of seeing her and the Beaver to. And let's not forget the appalling Wiener man to. I would do a lot to prevent the losers from infiltrating my space.


Wonder if she bothered to wear any underwear this time.


Why do you all want them to not be together, really?? Let them just be!!


but WITH brains!!


Is Liam really this hard up. That girl is on devastations doorstep.

@ Go figure?

Great comment!!. This couple reminds me of Tom Cruise and Katie. Remember when we were all saying "Run Katie Run"? This is like "Run Liam Run" The ONLY explanation has got to be that Liam is very hard up and very sick. It's doomed. He's just wasting his time on a trashy whore.


Lol....the fan is hotter than Miley.