Miley Cyrus Grabs Crotch, Exposes Under-Boob, Calls Justin Bieber "Stupid"

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Miley Cyrus is once again speaking her mind.

And exposing her body.

The singer - who recently called out Cory Monteith mourners for caring more about trending on Twitter than donating to charity - has posted an especially lewd photo on Instagram, including with the crotch-grabbing shot a caption that reads:

"Ain't worrrrrriieddd bout nothin but my #bizzzznasss."

Miley Cyrus Crotch Grab

Cyrus may need to start worrying about Beliebers, however.

The 20-year old told The Sun in a recent interview that Justin Bieber has ignored her advice... and is now suffering the consequences.

“I told Justin to take a bit of time out and people aren’t so obsessed with you and nitpick," Cyrus tells the British newspaper. "I always tell him just to be cool and not talk about it because when you talk it fuels the fire. He’s still stupid, though.

"But everyone does dumb stuff when they are messed up, and he’s done dumb stuff.

“If it was your friend pissing into a mop box then you would be laughing, but because it’s Justin Bieber, then it’s really bad.”

It's true. When you are Justin Bieber and you are caught pissing into a mop box, the reaction is really bad. As it probably should be, right?


Justin bieber can do anything he is afterall a boy but youare a girl so please dont do that


I thought she didn't have an Instagram. And once again we have 10 people that are wasting there time. Its like your hating on someone and wasting your time. Do these people not have a life? I mean no one ven gives a shit.


hashtag trying too hard

@ traci

Lmao right!


Oh... and what's with her crotch grabbing? She got panty crickets?


Im so tired of her over opinionated pot head ways. She should act like a lady then she can give advised. She's hard up for attention! She has no class! This bad girl, tough girl ways is not fooling anyone. Her boyfriend is even bigger loser for dating her


Two words that perfectly describes Miley...


No, Miley, I wouldn't laugh if my friend did that. You're obviously not the person who should be giving him advice.


That not even a cute outfit I swear she wears things that are shocking but has no style lame


How charming...


Justin Bieber is Stupid. He lost control of his image and is letting fake friends spend his money. He is not creating new Product.

@ cain

Neither is she. She looks like a walking timebomb. Nothing attractive what so ever. Trying to be something she's not. Child star with a little left in the tank and just enough to drive her over the edge. I hope she falls on her face.


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Thank you guys for all your support. Without you, none of this would be possible. I love every one of you and I could not be more appreciative. God bless you.

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I have let myself down. I will learn from my mistakes and trust my support team. My family and my faith will guide me through my life's journey.

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