Miley Cyrus: Battling a "Secret Drug Problem?"

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Dear Star Magazine: it's too late. Miley Cyrus has already won.

The tabloid took a break from its Kim Kardashian baby coverage last week to come up with a convoluted cover story that claims Cyrus has a "secret drug problem."

She apparently exhibits bizarre behavior. She often goes days without sleep. And she was spotted snorting "white powder" at a NYC party.

Miley Cyrus Drug Problem?

Where's the proof behind these allegations?

Nowhere to be found, of course, unless a series of anonymous quotes would somehow convict the 20-year old superstar.

The magazine goes on to claim that Miley's problems with Liam Hemsworth can be traced back to her substance abuse, with the actor telling her to choose between him and the drugs.

Considering she is still sporting an engagement ring... and the couple has been spotted out together recently... we guess Miley made her choice.

So much for that ultimatum.


Chill it's only Molly!


i love you and it would be so cool to meet you in porsen


dont care she no roll moder 4 my kid..


Yeah but Miley Cyrus is a role model to little children and kids are gonna see that and that's not what parents don't wanna see.


Wwo let her live her life other people smoke pot & you dont see people making a big deal out of it shes just a person like me and you so no diffrence if other people smoke weed to :)

@ Dianne

its gross i am 10 years olde

@ Dianne

It's not the pot that's the problem. It's the fact that everybody starts somewhere on something, which leads to other worse things. I drink quite regularly, and used to party more than frequently and can say that most people who smoke weed frequently usually move on to harsher drugs. The problem is just that. Miley doing coke, shrooms, and all sorts of fucked up shit. How do I know? I'm in this business and I'm not going to tell you who I am but I know people and she really needs to get her life together. I don't even need to use evidence... Just look at her newest music video stating that she's dancing with Molly and tryna get a line in the bathroom... Need I say more? This has nothing to do with marijuana. But guess where it all started..? Exactly.


I don't think and of the people who commented actually read the story. With that said, THG what's with the misleading email? Shame on you. Please stop paying attention to Star magazine and any other trash rags. It only makes YOU look bad.


Miley Cyrus should b force 2 bcom Straight Edge Pop n go 2 rehab.


What took you so long? This isn't news. All you had to do is look at how she acts and you can tell she is on drugs.

@ marymary

what are you talking about i act like Miley but i'm not on drugs and i don't have a some mental illness.

@ mike

Who the fuck ever said you're on drugs or mental for liking her?

@ Anonymous

You're an idiot. If you're going to reply to someone's comment, make sure you read it properly! Especially if you're going to be rude about it! He didn't say that anyone called him a druggie or mental for liking Miley. He said that he ACTS LIKE Miley, but he's not on drugs or crazy, so the way she acts is not a legit reason to say she is on drugs or mental, either!


Leave Miley alone ,if she is using she's only hurting herself.

@ nofun

And everyone around her, like her family?! Been there, believe me.

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