Miley Cyrus Admits: "We Can't Stop" is About Ecstasy!

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Miley Cyrus is a liar and a drug user.

So admits... Miley Cyrus herself!

In a revealing new interview with The Daily Mail, the singer admits that she and her team initially misled the public when it came to the track "We Can't Stop."

Having denied that the single is about ecstasy use (specifically the lyric "dancing with molly," which is code for going to a club and popping one of these pills), Cyrus now tells the newspaper she told a few fibs about its origin because:

"I just wanted it to be played on the radio."

She went on to both defend and explain herself:

"I don't think people have a hard time understanding that I've grown up. You can Google me and you know what I'm up to - you know what the lyric is saying."

A few days ago, Miley was up to some crotch-grabbing and Justin Bieber bashing.

Cyrus also told MTV in a similarly honest Q&A that she was stunned at the forced removal of one scene in the video above, especially considering the recent news regarding Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.

We'll let the 20-year old explain:

"I just think the world is so lame because you can shoot people in a movie and you can let people like Zimmerman off on trial but you can't have someone going like this [she simulates oral sex gesture], that is so dumb to me.

"The world is such a f--ked up place the last thing people need to worry about is my cute little video for 'We Can't Stop,' you know what I mean?"

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