Michael Jackson-Freddy Mercury Duets: Coming Soon!

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New Michael Jackson material may be released this fall, according to reports, along with new material from the late Freddie Mercury of Queen.


Michael Jackson and Freddy Mercury

Three unearthed tracks Michael recorded with Freddie back in 1983 in what was supposed to be collaborative effort are apparently set to be released.

Initially, the collaboration fell apart due to the "constraints" of the two music superstars' busy schedules, as well as creative differences (so to speak).

It was rumored that Mercury was agitated that Jackson insisted in bringing a llama into the recording studio ... which sounds ridiculous yet believable.

Jackson, reportedly, was upset at Mercury for "taking too much cocaine in his living room."

The three recorded tracks featuring the two are titled:

  1. “There Must Be More to Life Than This"
  2. “State of Shock"
  3. "Victory”

In 2011, Jackson’s estate went ahead and cleared the tracks for release, and now intends on doing so this upcoming fall, so keep an ear out!

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I can not wait. Dan, g Michael looks so GOOOOOOD in that photo. I sad to know both of those men are gone but their music lives on.


Jackson couldn't do a live Llama in his room , but it was alright to do copious amount of cocaine in Mercury's room?!?!?!
I thinks to myself; in the the light of the AEG courtcase - there was no reason to suspect MJ for doing drugs...or at least as we classiclyu know it. Listening to Micheal Bush on SUnday, speaking Elaine Charles about his life's experiences with MJ - there's a small chance he dabbled, but according to Bush (who worked with MJ for more than 25 years) - MJ was as squeeky clean as the next bathroom duck:"kwackkwackwack".

@ Trycoptojacksoness

I agree. I think MJ did have a dependacy on meds when the meds were needed (i think the prophol use was a way to take the easy way out to try and get sleep). Anyway, I can not wait for the music.