Meredith Barber: Robert Griffin III Sent Me Racy Texts on His Wedding Day!

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Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is accused of sending an incriminating text to a Hooters waitress ... on his own wedding day.

Robert Griffin III, Wife
Meredith Barber Photo

Hooters girl and Virginia Commonwealth University student Meredith Barber offered up "proof" in the form of a screen shot of their text exchange.

"Come on bae," the QB reportedly wrote to Barber before sending a shirtless image of himself with his head cut off, along with a smiley face icon.

When Meredith Barber (right) didn't respond to the NFL star's alleged advances, he wrote, "Well ok I give up I guess. See you in a few weeks kid."

The texts were dated July 6, in the early hours of RG III's wedding day to longtime girlfriend Rebecca Liddicoat (left). But are they even legit?

It appears that RG3 does know Barber, or at least someone in his camp does ... but the relationship is far from clear, and her story is being disputed.

One of Griffin's groomsman, William Mallow, knows Barber and denied the reports, saying, "We both know that Meredith is looking for attention/money."

RGIII alleged text

"I know this is what you do for a living and you thought this would be a golden opportunity but the fact of the matter is that this is completely false," he wrote.

"I was with Robert [that night] and there was no texting of other girls, much less selfie stomach shots. That isn't even close to what the bathroom of the suite we were in looked like."

Weirder still, Barber contacted Busted Coverage when this story went live, asking them to take it down, but in exchange offering to sell more "inappropriate pictures."

Someone also claiming to be Barber's ex-boyfriend reached out to Deadspin to sell "information, text messages, FaceTime screenshots" and more to back up her story.

Neither Deadspin or Busted Coverage have purchased any of the proof. RGIII was reportedly on his honeymoon in Europe when the news broke.

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That's bullshit, I met Robert at Baylor multiple times, and everyone knows how much he loves Rebecca and would never do something as stupid as this... Attention whore...


Whoa! I didn't see this coming, Bumped into tons of never before seen photos of Meredith Barber and a video of her dancing here -->


another stupid n__ger athlete sending unwated texts to a white girl...she doesn't want any poop stick RG-3 (3 inch) lol


another stupid n__ger athlete sending unwated texts to a white girl...she doesn't want any poop stick RG-3 (3 inch) lol


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