Marshall Henderson: Suspended By Ole Miss, Feuding With Erin Andrews

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Controversial college basketball standout Marshall Henderson has been suspended by the University of Mississippi for reasons not made public.

Fox Sports hottie Erin Andrews promptly took a shot at the notorious hoops hothead on Twitter, and Henderson was none too pleased about it.

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There was no indication of how long the suspension will last or if Henderson, who would be a senior guard, will be allowed to play basketball next fall.

While it's not clear why he got suspended, Henderson was already considered one of the NCAA's most abrasive players, so few were surprised.

Erin Andrews certainly wasn't, and the two traded barbs after the reporter re-tweeted a CBS report alleging that Henderson failed a drug test:

EA Tweets

USA Today recalls (via this great GIF) that Henderson executed an incendiary, mocking Gator Chomp during Ole Miss’ game against Florida this year.

Andrews, a Florida graduate, was not a fan.

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Henderson has pledged to mock her a second time now ... but it's far from certain when he'll get back on the basketball court in order to do so.

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This guy is a TOTAL PUNK! Don't know the details about EA's tweet but SOMEBODY needs to call this guy out. Hopefully Ole Miss or any other college will let this guy on the court again, much less any NBA team. The ONLY way he should EVER get another chance is if he changes & shows LONG TERM that he's changed. My bet is it'll NEVER happen.


the florida gators


he simply isn't aware of how he must treat ladies like her...............


The tweet Erin sent was too Parrish of CBS sports!(who had tweeted about Henderson)She asked question if he was mocking anyone now?Later said tired of seeing athletes mess up their chances! She had been off line when MH came across tweet to Parrish! Then he threatens her with mock her first! She never answered him as she wasn't back on &maybe cause she didn't tweet it to him! Fact is it is more than Gator chomp as he has even gotten in face of people he beat to mock them!Not a good winner or loser as he managed his worse when he gave the finger! Fact is Henderson has chosen drugs since he was 17 &if not a change chances need to run out! He seems to be a very angry young man who needs to admit he is the problem. If he can't take the tweet from EA how will he react when the Sports Writers or rags go after the whole story?