Lindsay Lohan to Oprah: $2 Million For Tell-All!

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As we reported Monday, Lindsay Lohan is getting ready to grant a tell-all interview and docu-series to Oprah Winfrey ... but it's gonna cost O plenty.

We're talking a stunning $2 million, according to a TMZ report.

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The Big O

OWN has been negotiating with the star for months, and she seems poised to bank seven figures twice over for being a hot mess. What a world.

Heck, Playboy paid a mere $1 million for Lindsay Lohan nude.

LiLo has torpedoed her career over the years with her inability to get her ish together, but paradoxically, this is also becoming her calling card.

Because of the drama and interest created by almost going to jail, firing her lawyer, going to Betty Ford, bailing on rehab, etc ... she could get rich.

In addition to all those zeroes, Lindsay Lohan will get some perks from Oprah as well, to the tune of two fully-paid personal assistants and a stylist.

Substance abuse and sex tapes. The new acting.

Lindsay Lohan: Can she stay clean?


I'm glad Oprah reached out to her. Hopefully this is enough initiative to keep Lindsay going straight


I wouldn't pay her 15 cents to hear anything she has to say. Who cares?


I wouldn't listen to a word from this girl for free! And all Oprah will get for her two million is a bunch of excuses and blame on others.


Cannot imagine what there is left to hear that we haven't already heard. What she ate for lunch in rehab? What a dis functional family she has? $2 mil. Guess Oprah just writes all these expenses off as her TV channel not making it.


STUPID AMERICANS are still born.................

@ abe

Shut up Abe!


So basically this means Oprah is becoming one of her enablers, giving her crazy drug money she wouldn't have had otherwise. Forced rehab doesn't work... Sometimes if it's long enough, say to the tune of 5-15 years, someone will clean up their act because they decide they want to during that time. These short stays where they're forced and don't really want to, they do nothing for 99.9% of the people forced into them. She hasn't actually hit low enough yet to be at rock bottom, even if it looks like she is pretty low.


Well now we at least know where Lindsay's going to be getting her drug money!

@ Dartanion

Who cares where she gets her drug money wether its Oprah or Charlie sheen or Playboy this is Hollywood
She's gonna get it


Oprah would be stupid to pay her a dime. What has she got to say that we haven't already heard??

@ Sherron


@ Sherron

That she's probably an undercover prostitute!

@ My Two Cents......

Hey if it pays to get her drug money she will do anything even the oldest profession in the world.

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