Lindsay Lohan: Out of Rehab! Can She Stay Clean?

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Three months after entering rehab as part of a plea agreement in her latest criminal case, Lindsay Lohan left a California treatment center Tuesday.

She is a free woman, smiling ear-to-ear as she peaced out of Cliffside Malibu, ending her sixth stay in rehab on what looked like a positive note.

She checked in on May 2 after a court found that she lied to police at the scene of a car accident in June 2012, violating the star's earlier probation.

Lindsay Lohan moved from Betty Ford to Cliffside about halfway through her stint, as the latter was said to be better suited for longer-term care.

As for what's next? The Canyons star is telling people she feels like she needs a transition period before re-entering the real world on her own.

As such, she'll be staying with a sober coach somewhere in Los Angeles for the next few days until she gets her bearings. Smart move. But will it take?

You tell us, THGers: Can the oft-troubled star stay clean this time?


I've said before that I had my doubts whether she'll stay sober or not & that's based on the sheer fact that the odds aren't exactly in Lindsay's favor. However, She's also never spoken publicly about her addiction, much less admitted it. I still think she's not fully admitting how much she used drugs but she did admit to a problem with alcohol. I think she also wasn't totally honest about her parents role in enabling her. She did say that she didn't think anything was done intentionally & I don't necessarily think her parents PUSHED her into drugs or alcohol. I think it was more liking the lifestyle of a celeb. That's no excuse but I do think there's a distinct difference. I don't want to see ANYBODY struggle with drugs or alcohol, or any addiction, so I'm willing to give her a chance. She seems more clear headed & responsible now than she probably ever has as an adult. As for her legal troubles, I agree that she has gotten several slaps on the wrist BUT she didn't commit a major felony (no murder, kidnapping, arson, etc.). I actually read recently that there is a major push to reduce/repeal mandatory sentencing guidelines in drug cases. If that happens, MANY people will be getting out of jail. Jail/prison has it's place BUT so does treatment & counseling & other programs to benefit our communities. Prisoners cost us a LOT of money. Doesn't it make more sense to use other, less expensive means, especially for young offenders who have a better chance of successful rehab? NONE of us are perfect & we've all been given another chance. How many of those posting here have lived their life in the spotlight & had to endure those pressures? NOBODY, so although we all have our opinions, is it really right to judge if we don't know what another person has gone through?


She'll be back in jail before you know it

@ Willy Brown

Sadly, the odds are more in favor of her returning than staying clean. Never know though. At some point, most people do figure it out & realize they're better off staying clean. I know some people don't like rules & regs & laws but as long as we all live within them, there is virtually no denial of our rights or abilities to do anything we want. I'm OK with that :-)


I wish her all the best....let's hope this go round works!

@ Kimberly

It would be nice if it does. I have major doubts it will but, never know.


For the lifeof me I can't understand the effort and time wasted on this
waste. She has nothing-no talent-no compassion-no understanding-
no morals-no decency but yet she goes on thru life w/a silver spoon. Others much more deserving have to bear lots more over so much less
then this witch. Life is sure not fair, not that we should expect it but it
is so far out of balance it's hard to see a thief, etc. go scot free. She's smiling in one photo; but she's laughing at us. One of us steal, or pull the stuff she does there's no understanding or compassion given. How
should we feel in a world that we have made and don't even try to
correct anything. She should be in jail just like anyone else who breaks the rules. This was no little crime, none of her's are.....I don't
understand. Lots of people deserve more consideration then this bitch.

@ Sassy1000001

I totally agree she should be in jail for an extended period of time AND her family should be ORDERED to undergo counseling before she's ever released. But with overcrowding in jails it likely won't happen. If she stays clean for the next year then MAYBE she'll get/have her life back on track. Odds right now likely aren't very high for that to happen. I give her 2-4 months before some sort of legal issue again.


I hope she gets her mind right this time. She is a beautiful girl and has so much potential. Hope she don't get together with air head Amanda Bynes! That would be a total disaster then.

@ Cari

I think there's a clear difference here. Lindsay is just spoiled & surrounded by enablers, the worst being her Mom who acts more like a big sister or BFF so she can hang on her daughters coattails to get her share of the celeb spotlight. Amanda on the other hand has said (according to reports I've read in recent days) that she resents her parents pushing her into acting plus doctors have said she has CLEAR signs of several mental health issues. You're right about one thing though I think, hopefully they do NOT ever get together, at least not anytime soon. I think it would be MUCH more detrimental to Amanda though, with her mental state as it is.

@ Emanon

Amanda says she resents her parents for putting her in the spot light. Do you actually believe that because I don't. The girl loves the money look at all of her surgeries. And just now at 27 years old she comes out and acts crazy and blames her parents? It's all for attention. If she had problems it would have shown a long time ago. Anyways this is about Ms. Lohan... I hope she says away from her parents and all of the troubled so called friends she hung out with in the past. Maybe one day she can teach her parents how to act.

@ Cari

I don't think any of us know enough about her to say how genuine her resentment is or is not. Personally, yes I believe she has some major resentment. Her brother is a chiropractor & her sister has a degree in History. From what I have read she resents that her parents never supported her desire to go into fashion. She reportedly has issues with her looks/self image. That sounds VERY much like someone with mental health issues. There are other celebs who have had plastic surgery and who look MUCH worse. I think Amanda still looks quite natural. She moved to pursue her dreams of fashion, and music. Having no support from parents & being on your own is a BIG step. If she was pre-disposed to mental illness that just made it worse. Mental illness shows itself in later years in MANY people. In fact, for the most part it shows up later in life. She's actually quite young to have the mental health issues she has. Lindsay has her own set of issues & I think she resents her dad & she wants nothing to do with a step sister she has. Her family has CLEARLY enabled her & done nothing to help her move her life in a positive direction. At least Amanda's parents are trying, although I do agree they should have stepped up a long time ago.


After all the attempts at making her better this girl is better off going to jail for a few years to really get her clean, if not its only a matter of time before she ends up like Whitney unfortunately, her career has been ruined a long time and its only a matter of time before she's repeating her old ways. Sad but true she's relapsed every time.


I wonder where the party is tonite? I hate to be so negative, hope I'm wrong.. I would bet the party has started, somewhere.

@ janie

Sure the party is going on somewhere. The question to Lindsay there? I don't look for her to stay clean long term, not based on her track record. But I also don't think that she'd be SO stupid as to go out partying already. She doesn't need to be out partying ANY time but at the VERY least she should lay low for several months.

@ janie

She won't end up like Whitney or anyof the others in that situation. She's young and healthy and will continue on and on and on. She's not going to learn anything at rehab except how to work her way around people surrounding them into believing she's better. Where do u think she'll be tonight? You betcha the party has started somewhere.
Remember the wolf and little boy crying "wolf?" A liar is a liar is a liar.

@ Sassy1000001

You know this all for sure? If Lindsay follows the plan and stays away from her Party Crowd,
she can pull through.Look at
RD jr.Anyways, it's up to her & I
will only wish her success.Did you Know that criticizing and
Bad- Mouthing is also Harmful
to your Health & is also very much an ADDICTION?


Sadly I don't think this will be the end of her troubles. I wish someone would get in there and help her...


I know Lindsay just got out of rehab and all, but would it be wrong of me to say that even though she's got people like Oprah helping her....I just don't have much Faith in her cleaning up her act Once and for all anyways.....does that make me sound bad? Am I alone in thinking that?

@ Marianna

No Marianna. She's given good cause for loss of Faith.It's refreshing to see someone wondering if they are being Mean
instead of spewing out expletives & Condemning Lindsay to Eternal Failure.I'm pulling for her Recovery,whatever the Odds.


Nope, she will be a REGULAR there. She is clever enough to OUT SMART all that she is assigned with. She makes a FOOL out of those professional PSYCHIATRISTS, and it is a SICK joke to her. Why doesn't the PAPPARAZZI IGNORE her. Who cares anyway?


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