Lindsay Lohan Advised to Extend Rehab Stay; Actress Plans to Bolt For NYC

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Lindsay Lohan has been advised to stay in rehab for at least another 30 days, but won’t be there a minute longer than she has to be, reports indicate.

Clawing Her Eyes Out

The treatment team at Cliffside Malibu recently implored the 27-year-old to consider staying beyond her court-ordered release date at the end of July.

She's in there as part of a plea bargain she struck to avoid jail for lying to police about a car accident in 2012, and for the most part, it's gone well.

However, "someone with her level of addiction and psychiatric issues needs extensive treatment and 90 days just isn’t enough," says an insider.

"She is in a really good place right now, but doctors want that to continue."

Despite the advice of her counselors, Lohan is defiant about her release.

“She has assured the doctors that she will continue to go to AA/NA meetings and work the 12 steps," but people are no doubt skeptical of that.

“Lindsay has already said she is required to be in Venice, Italy, at the beginning of August to attend the premiere of The Canyons,” the source said.

Moreover, despite vowing not to move back to LA or NYC once her stint in rehab is over, sources say she's headed right to the Big Apple when she's out.

She previously had told friends she was thinking about moving far from either because there were too many temptations and she feared relapsing.

She also was supposedly sick of all the gossip sites and paparazzi hounding her all the time and just wanted to live a quieter life. So much for that.

You tell us: Can Lindsay Lohan stay clean?


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I hope Lindsay will at least consider Out Patient therapy. It can't hurt.


I want to see Lindsay do well. I think she can do amazing things as an actress, but if she goes back to NY and to Dina she will probably fail again. It makes me sad. I'm still going to root for her no matter what. I just hope she doesn't end up in a grave.


nobody will hire her these day's and she still like to be in gossip magazines, so enter ReHab.