Lil Twist and Kylie Jenner: Spotted Getting Fro Yo!

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Kylie Jenner may be making her way toward Justin Bieber, friend by friend.

The 15-year old reality star, rumored to be dating Jaden Smith, was spotted out over the weekend with another Bieber entourage member, rapper Lil Twist.

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  • Kylie Jenner at After Earth Premiere

According to The Daily Mail, Kylie and Twist hung out in the latter's Mercedes while driving around Los Angeles and were also spotted getting frozen yogurt with a few other pals.

It is alleged that the two engaged in a one-on-one conversation while others placed their orders. Scandalous!

Is a romance brewing between Jenner and Lil? It's possible. Though it's also possible they are mere friends that know each other through their shared Jaden connection.

But one thing is certain: Jenner would be best served to stop riding in a vehicle with this road rager.

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I may not like teenage girls because they are too young for me. But, the Jenner girls are pretty hot and mature for their age.


I'm waiting for the Kylie home porno, would live to see her take it up the ass!


What do you know, another Kardashian/Jenner who craves black cock? Fucking disgusting whores all of them assholes


she really is the best looking in her family. I hope she does well and does not follow kim's steps. or her mother's for that fact.


Theirs No Chance that Lil Twist n Kylie hookin up wit enother.


How dare you besmirch Lil Twists skill behind the wheel, I'm sure if he got angry in the past he had a very good reason. He's Lil Twist a super star rapper not to mention a buddy of Justin B. Rappers deserve a pass due to their image problems. Twist is the man...


let's do it: PIMP HER "RIDE", folks!!


This little girl is positioned to get noticed no matter what -- quite sad, actually.

@ Robb7

What else would you expect? Wanna get noticed- white girl/black boy that's the key and mamma pimp is so proud! Is it possible to ever be proud of a young girl?

@ Soul 4 Sale

but why is her dating a black boy or any white and black interracial couple such a bad thing because its not and its very common..people get so mad when they see a white girl with a black guy and vice versa but whats such the big problem love is love and you like who you like

@ omg

Ok omg- tell me with your on again off again smug ass- tell me one success interracial story. Not one! This is how I see it! If I had a 13 yr old and he wanted to smoke pot would he have an argument that's it is OK in Colorado? Or Cali? Would I be closed minded or would he just be playing his little blame game? If a white girl wants to have a "screwfest" and used the ohhhhh... You don't like interracial. Would that be immature on her part to use her outlandish behavior with an attached excuse or is it the one who doesn't agrees fault! People will do anything to get their way and play any game they can to blame another! If you wanted to completely f up your life- reputation- would I be the one to blame of I tried to stop you? Look around you, do you see people welcoming this- on either side! No! Quit trying to shove the square peg in the round hole! Anyone can't get their ass in a world of shit but it is hell getting back.

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